when i was a young warthog (WHEN I WAS A YOUNG WART. HOG)

i love that scene with timon and pumba.
one of my favorite parts in “the lion king”.

i won’t lie to you,
but i had of ton of judgment and expectations reserved for this movie.
this is my childhood here.
a movie i’ve watched over and over.
i was getting mixed reviews about it so i knew i had to see it for myself.
the pretty vixen and i decided to go see it yesterday.
my thoughts…

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did you see “the lion king” this weekend?

i was supposed to see “the lion king” this weekend.
that was a fail.
after my train issues on friday,
and this heat wave from the depths of hell,
i was on a boycott of doing all things.
“the lion king” is literally my childhood so i hoped it was done right.
i was so annoyed by scar looking so raggedy.
if you saw “the lion king” this weekend…
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