i must have watched “mr and mrs smith” like 1,000 times.
this movie never fails to make me horny af.
it’s like the sexual tension in this movie slaps you in the face.
the sexual tension oozes out the screen,
puts flour on its hand,
and slaps you upside your head.
brad pitt and angelina jolie did that as you know from after the movie…

you know their sex was intense.
needless to font,
that is one of my favorite movies.
since hollywood seems to be out of ideas,
they are turning “mr and mrs smith” into a series on amazon.
the stars of this reboot?…

Maya Erskine will star opposite Donald Glover in the upcoming “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” series at Amazon.

Erskine takes over the co-starring role from Phoebe Waller-Bridge, who had originally been set to star alongside Glover but departed the project last year due to creative differences. Glover revealed the new casting in an interview with himself in Interview Magazine.

The series is based on Doug Liman’s feature of the same name starring Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. The pair played rival spies that discover they have been contracted to assassinate each other. According to Glover, he is currently writing the finale for the series.

this will be a comedy then?
i don’t get it.
couldn’t donald have written something new?

Why don’t they ever remake the flops?

put a fresh spin on a movie that bombed at the box office?
or one that didn’t get the hype it deserved?
i don’t see them trying to remake “gigli” with jlo and ben.
donald doesn’t look like brad either:

does he even do “the one to fantasize about?
i’m baffled at the casting choices tbh.

lowkey: donald couldn’t put a black vixen on for this role?

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Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.


    1. AT ALL! Didn’t care for his version of Han Solo either. Something about him is off…but to each his own.
      Never heard of Maya Erskine.

  1. No offense…..but ,…..


    Nether one of these actors are “Physically Beautiful” enough. (It is what it is, sorry if I come across as shallow)

    There are too many beautiful Black Men and Asian women on this planet for Amazon to do this .

  2. I’ve never actually seen the one Pitt & Jolie but it’s not even that old for them to be remaking it. Didn’t the Devil Wears Prada come out around the same time. That’d be like remaking that. What’s the point when movies from the 2000’s are still fresh on everyone’s minds. The old men running Hollywood really need to retire and hand the reigns to a new gen already.

  3. Why make a remake? That sexual tension was so real they got married and had kids for real for real. Donald Glover and who? “I don’t know her.” That classic Mariah line will always be in people head.

    Look at Marvel success. They are remaking all their flops and turning them into gold. Sony failed the Spider-Man stories both times. Marvel took it and fixed it and it is the best Spider-Man out of them all. It even erases the previous ones because even if you didn’t see it, their stories were told and the problems were fixed. DC still remaking movies that don’t need to be remade. Rebooted Batman 3 times. Christian Bale Batman was the best, Ben Affleck didn’t know how to continue it. Robert Pattison, fixed it. Will they leave it alone, no.

  4. Idris was right there like? They don’t have sexy actors/actresses that are available?

    Not to say Donald is ugly, but I don’t see panties is WET! from him like i do Brad Pitt same with the actress vs Angelina jolie

  5. Brad Pitt will always be a sexy muhfucka! Hard pass on this remake though. Donald Glover needs to make another Feels Like Summer joint. What happened to that movie with Rihanna he had?

  6. I think Donald is sexy, but in a nerd who gets hood in bed way. I listened to his music and he never felt masc enough or “Black enough” and it shows in who he married.

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