this didn’t help anyone’s anxiety in new yawk…
there i was,
engaged in the second season of ozark,
while under my covers when i heard about the mass shooting on the mta.
it’s like i’m at a point where i’m not shocked anymore.

the world has gone mad off some kind of energetic liquid courage.
i have been getting my resume to get a cute part-time gig,
but this incident was confirmed for me yesterday…


I don’t want to do long commutes into anyone’s office.
I don’t want to be anyone’s temp to perm house negro.
I don’t want to be chained to anyone’s front desk.
I don’t want to be bothered with office politics.
I’m looking for remote work going forward.

at the end of the day,
these jobs don’t care about your ptsd or your safety.
they don’t care if you survive a shoot-out at the o.k. corral on a platform.

they want you to be in an office to buy 20-dollar salads.
they want you to be in the office so they can chew you up and spit you out.

that incident didn’t help my anxiety in new yawk at all.
after all the violence at the stations,
and how the rona is still a thing,
shit just hit different nowadays.
don’t even get me started on my last job and the violence I endured there.
it ain’t before 2020.
the days when i’d get up early to be stuck on a packed train for 30 minutes.
i gotta hear a psychotic cunt of a boss press me like they don’t know the mta.

you might need to wake up at 3 am to get in here on time.
We know the MTA is dog shit and we use that excuse about it making us late.
You can’t underling!
Now go dance on the hot coals and chant the prayer of Satan!”

shit just hit differently.
you know this and i know this.
so yeah foxhole,
i’ll be looking for remote work going forward.
does someone want my handsome ass in an office?
get me a car service.

lowkey: the ptsd that the survivors are gonna get from yesterday…
watch stop and frisk come back…

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.


  1. I’m laughing so hard at this. Jamari, I wish you luck on the remote search. You might be too late to find that opportunity since my job is giving us a back to the office timeline now. I could see you working for a call center since that is most likely going to be remote.

      1. Why didn’t you comment on the actual blog? Why do you ALWAYS seem dick ride my posts?!? Make it make sense.

        I laughed at his response with the Monica gif on down not at what’s going on. If you think I’m laughing at his fear or what happened to those innocent people then you are not only odd but an imbecile to boot.

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