where did all these mutant c*nts come from?

you know what really burns my biscuits?

People who aren’t kind.

now that isn’t to be confused with being nice.
you know i hate the word “nice”.
if anyone ever calls you “nice”,
especially a male,
i want you to erase their number while you are running in the opposite direction.
people who are nice are rarely ever nice.
people who think you are nice rarely ever treat you nice.
i prefer words like pleasant,

and kind.
some of these folks out here tho…

you mean to tell me…

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Beyonce and Andre 3000 Need To Go “Back To The Drawing Board”

as you know…
beyonce and andre 3000 remade “back to black” by amy winehouse:


if ya’ll never checked out her music.
i beg of you:

x amy’s collection

her music got me through some hard times.
thanks for what you brought to the world for your short time here amy.
listen to bey and andre 3000 attempt for the great gatsby soundtrack

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