where did all these mutant c*nts come from?

you know what really burns my biscuits?

People who aren’t kind.

now that isn’t to be confused with being nice.
you know i hate the word “nice”.
if anyone ever calls you “nice”,
especially a male,
i want you to erase their number while you are running in the opposite direction.
people who are nice are rarely ever nice.
people who think you are nice rarely ever treat you nice.
i prefer words like pleasant,

and kind.
some of these folks out here tho…

you mean to tell me…

Their fathers dove deep into their mama’s vagina,
for them to be ejected out,
beat all the probably better travelers to the egg,
to have their mama be in labor for 20 something hours,
only do return the favor by being demons out here to the rest of us?

and the thing that burns the entire kitchen for me…

People around them think this behavior is okay!!!!

the best of everything wrong with the world is okay.

Hurting other people is okay.
Scamming is okay.
Lying on others is okay.
Being rude is okay.
Ghosting people who didn’t deserve it is okay.

Being violent is okay.
Being the victim after being called out for disgusting behavior is okay.

Being the next runner-up for “Satan’s Next Top Minion” is okay.

it’s funny that when i have to do to them what they do to me,
because i do it better when i’m fully outta fucks,
they wanna start crying and playing the victim.

“Jamari is so disgusting and nasty.
You see this shit?
You see how he is?
He is an asshole too!

how dare he talk to me like that!”

i don’t take the high road with some of these scum bags these days.
i’ve learned people are taking out their trauma on other people.
catch me on the right day and i’ll hurt your feelings.
brought to them by “therapy“.

i can understand having a bad day or being guarded after being hurt,
but why is being a mutant cunt okay in today’s society?
i had to wonder…

When did being a decent human go out of style?

lowkey: it’s like you can’t be kind to people these days.
the moment you show them kindness,
they repay you with some nonsense.
wtf is wrong with these civilians?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

3 thoughts on “where did all these mutant c*nts come from?”

  1. They used to call themselves “Just keeping it real’, then “no filter” and now “I’m so toxic lol”. They’ve always been here. We just wanted to sleep with/be around them because society favors aholes. But as time goes on you really the popular people..are just disgusting.

    1. Jamari where been??? Society has always favored the assholes, criminals & scumbag! European Kings were made of this toxic spirit, the founders of this country were endowed with this spirit! Society loves to hate them, is afraid to say or do anything drastic about them and honestly in the words of Tony Montana “You need me! You need me so that you can say that’s the bad guy!” Only good I can say about them is that they are true to their toxicity! Granted they probably need help that they are oblivious to but still they true to the vile nature thru and thru…

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