Songzbird Has Pubic Hairs On His Face

i like my songzbird like this:

Trey-Songz-Spring-2012-GQ-Spreadmaybe even this:

trey-songz-chapter-v_TheLavaLizardhe was spotted at haze nightclub in vegas and i had to ask,
“what the hell is this?”

tumblr_inline_mgjmc716b11r6hz5c“me no likey”.
now i do like that tank,
but i’ll pass on scruffy “pubic hair patches” look.
what do i know?
trey’s angels still liked it tho:

4 thoughts on “Songzbird Has Pubic Hairs On His Face

  1. Yea, I noticed it a few weeks ago and I’m not feelin it. He is a pretty ass dude, and he needs to show that face, I like lookin at it lol. I can’t have all that hair on my face like that. All I want is my goatee and my mustache to connect and that’s it lol. I’m not gonna let my sideburns get out of control and shit either. I don’t know why Trey is tryin to be so hard. It doesn’t work for everyone lol. Just be a pretty ass R&B singer, but I forgot it all about the image and what’s going to get him women. I guess he forgot that women love good lookin good men, so I don’t get it. I’m speaking from my personal experiences lol. You ain’t got to act like that for people to like you.

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