ya’ll cap cause ya’ll would hang out with a fresh on the market odell beckham jr

best believe,
if you hear that i’m single and “hanging out” with someone like ^this
who just became newly single as well:

He is slaying this foxhole mercilessly.

i don’t blame this vixen for “hanging out” with him tbh…

if you were in those circles,
you know damn well you would be a hoe too.
gays can’t really talk shit about kimmy tbh.
ya’ll send me stories of all the attentionisto gays and who they smashin’,
in and out of the sex parties.
it beez like six degrees of separation on a dick out here.

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Author: jamari fox

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6 thoughts on “ya’ll cap cause ya’ll would hang out with a fresh on the market odell beckham jr”

  1. Let’s be honest Odell still looks good and is only 30 years old, which is kind of surprising because I feel he’s been around as a full fledged adult for a minute.

    Honesty looks aside, he’s just coming off a little corny, outside of fashion ( he can definitely dress his behind off) I get no sense of personality from Odell. I guess the bigger question I would have is you’ve tried all of the exotic and otherwise racially ambiguous women , when do you finally come home to Black.

    Not to unnecessarily harp on interracial relationships, but I think it has to go beyond just preference, I want a deep dive at some point into what family member or coach instilled in him this desire as a black man to run away from black. I have a lot of respect for Taye diggs who was brave enough to admit that his family instilled colorism in him and pretty much told him he would be with a white woman at an early age and the struggles he has had trying to break what they taught him.

    1. @johnwjones967: I don’t want to bash Kim, but lowkey I was also thinking “damn, here we go again!” 😂 😂 😂

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