angelica ross has beef with a gal in 1984 but filmed in 2019

when angelica ross of pose fame posted this on her twitter,
the first thing i said to myself:

“Emma Roberts”.

what can i font?
i’m pyschic.

emma roberts has been cosplaying chanel oberlin,
an obnoxious (but kind of iconic) character she played on scream queens.
that happens to be another ryan murphy production.
angelica dropped the story about her time with emma on ahs 1984 and…

….of course,
my mouth is not a gasp.
my next question is to angelica:

What do you want us to do about this situation that happened in 2019?

if it really bothered her,
it’s screaming missed opportunity to have checked TF out of her.
she was at her job but if this made your blood boil to that extent:

She needed to get the fear of Jesus put in her.
She violated so now the checks gotta get cashed.

emma’s reputation hasn’t been a secret.
she allegedly ( x beat up her evan peters ).
she was allegedly toxic af with him in the early 2010s,
way before they were on that show.
look at how she handled bill clinton’s security:

“out of the way!”
this has always been emma’s calling card.

Angelica handled it well.
She acknowledged what went down and because of the circumstances,
she knew if she said something,
it would lead to nowhere and her getting banished.
She set up boundaries and carried on until it was time to go.
There was no assault and yes it was hurtful,
but everyone has seemingly moved on to other projects.

she was smart enough to play the game in that situation.

Did she want us to see how smart she was in defeating a mini-boss during one of the stages in her career?

i’d be more shocked if it was someone that isone of the nice guys“.
a known mean she-jackal is not really a story tbh.

lowkey: why hasn’t julia checked her niece yet?

4 thoughts on “angelica ross has beef with a gal in 1984 but filmed in 2019

  1. Billy Porter producers, executives and shading Anna Wintour. Angelica Ross shading Ryan Murphy. These people know they need these powerbrokers for their bread and butter. Seems they are determined to remain non employable. Good luck on speaking your peace. Let’s see how that works out.

  2. I’m all for doing what’s right and speaking up and out. But Angelica clearly has an agenda here. First she “exposes” Ryan murphys emails because she felt she got ghosted. Mind you this the same man who gave her her biggest acting jobs. But you published emails because you felt he owed you something. Then she proceeded to blast Emma over something that happened over 5 years ago. On the same night as Ryan new season of American Horror Story, which Emma is the main character. She def planned this. Now she’s prob only gonna be casted in Tubi knockoffs. Thinking with your emotions gonna cost you. Nobody in Hollywood owes you anything unless the contracts are signed. Talk about career suicide.

    1. ^ everyone is cheering her on but she reached out to ryan and didn’t follow up months later.

      she said she is leaving hollywood so i guess this was her “burn everything down” moment.

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