angelica ross has beef with a gal in 1984 but filmed in 2019

when angelica ross of pose fame posted this on her twitter,
the first thing i said to myself:

“Emma Roberts”.

what can i font?
i’m pyschic.

emma roberts has been cosplaying chanel oberlin,
an obnoxious (but kind of iconic) character she played on scream queens.
that happens to be another ryan murphy production.
angelica dropped the story about her time with emma on ahs 1984 and…

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so beyonce is pushing homophobia?

speaking of,
i’m due to listen to “lemonade” soon.
i like to give queen b’s music a break so i can miss her.

i don’t take it as seriously as some,
but i hate when i’m chatting with a straight wolf and it’s:

“PAUSE this; PAUSE that.”

we get it,
you’re straight and say questionable shit.
i wasn’t judging before.
i will going forward.
the straights who know i get down get checked asap for it.
well a trans-vixen from “pose” on fx,
angelica ross,
called out beyonce for her using the word,

“I don’t give a fuck,
chucking my deuces up

Suck on my balls,
I had enough…
– “sorry“, lemonade

these are her tweets
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