you know black folks are about to leave twitter once we see “monthly charge”

when i signed on twitter before 2020,
i would be hit with (breaking) news and other updates,
especially with new yawk.

Do you know how many times I’d go on Twitter to find out if the MTA was having issues when I was late for work?

it was one of my favorite social media platforms to scroll aimlessly on.
you go on twitter now and it’s a cesspool of filth.
if it’s not blatant hatred being allowed,
it’s everyone living out their wildest narc dreams.
elon has another brilliant idea from within his genius…

He is thinking of ( x charging people to use Twitter ).

this is my opinion on why twitter was bought to be killed:

1. I always thought Elon bought Twitter as a double agent.
Twitter was used as the voice for the people.
It was one of the quickest ways for an opinion or fact to go viral.
That was a place to spread news and expose facts to people.

This is why news sources were killed so quickly after he bought it.
It’s one of the reasons people hated Twitter so much too.
We could font freely and it could spread like wildfire.

twitter was the root of the problem for many,
especially in politics.
a majority of the blue checks are spilling all kinds of misinformation.
the same jackals who were complaining are fully indulging.

this is where the new changes may affect many if they choose not to pay:

2. Twitter is a place that allows posting adult content.

when he charges for twitter,
i sense a certain demographic will bounce.
i’m sure we will migrate to threads or spill,
some might even reactivate facebook again,
but we won’t be as free there as we would like to be.
we are in quite a pickle.
when we first heard of him trying to buy twitter,
we should have collectively made a lot more noise.
we don’t fight hard enough for the things that matter.
many don’t think of the long game.

3. Remember what happened to Tumblr?

tumblr was a free place to post whatever until it was bought.
another issue is the hyenas who post adult content that will land them in jail.
ones who are allowed to do so on elon’s twitter nowadays.
( x like this person )

so i feel like we aren’t seeing the bigger picture.
streamers and those who make content are about to be affected.
there is smoke in the background but we steadily ignoring it.
so i have to ask

Where are we going once Twitter gets dismantled?

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  1. I never left tumblr (I follow you on there too :)) and theyโ€™re back showing all the old stuff that had them popping in 2012 so it may be a good option.

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