the jackal ate my face

I liked him because I was secretly attracted to him.
He identifies as “straight” but with me,
he was different.
The vixens he dates don’t even get the same treatment as me.
One day,
he fires off on another gay male and calls him a “f@ggot”.
I call him out and he says:

“He isn’t like you tho.
You don’t act like them.”

…which makes me feel like I was special to him.
One day in the future,
we get into a fight and he calls me a “f@ggot”.
After he tries to ruin my reputation while weaponizing my sexuality.
You try to speak to him again but he blocks you on everything.
But… but… I thought I was different!

I am friends with her.
She tells me about all her other friend’s business and issues.
She talks about everyone behind their backs but does it in a charismatic way.
I think because she is sharing this with me and we are close,
I am a special snowflake with her.
I found out she had been talking about me to the same friends.
She has been telling people that I am into another male,
who happens to be straight,
and weaponizes my sexuality about a “straight male”.
She and the same friends turn on me and assign me as the

But…but… I thought I was different!

these are two jackals that ate my face.
it means i was dumb enough to think i was different with the jackals.
these are some other examples from others i know…

You were friends with someone who you could say was down for you.
They were very loyal and had your back.
This person isn’t very exciting tho.

You meet some other folks who are more popular and exciting.
In doing so,
you stop fucking with your friend for this new company you meet.
They have you going everywhere but you sense these people can’t be trusted.
All they offer is a good time but there is always drama within them.

One day,
they throw you under the bus and stop fucking with you.

When you try to reconnect with the friend you dropped,
they want nothing to do with you and now you’re assed out on all aspects.
But…but… I thought they were different!

You like how good he is fucking you.
He is passionate and aggressive.
It’s the best sex you ever had tbh.
After he busts,
he tells you how much he hates who he is with and is going to leave.
You think you are going to be with him because the sex is great.
So he leaves…
…and it’s good for a little while but he starts to cheat on you too.
Not only that,
the is abusive and destroys your self-esteem while their ex is thriving.
But… but…but I thought I was different.

You made a decision to stop being cool with black people.
As you develop a hatred for your own people,
you meet a white person who treats you with kindness.
You start to compare how you have been treated so you become “all white everything”.
Your circles start to become white and that is all you date.
They treat you differently and are excited to find out about your culture.
they try to relate with you because “they like black culture too!”.

“We are down with you because we like rap and try to twerk!”

As the country becomes more racist,
you soon realize these folks are becoming more racist as well.
They tried to hide their Republican views but the masks started slipping off.
When you try to educate them on issues that affect the black community,
they start distancing themselves from you as they proudly salute MAGA.

But… but… but I thought they were different!



in all these situations,
the outcomes end up being the same.
we lacked discernment and thought we were different.

No, the straight homophobic male doesn’t think you’re special.
No, the two-faced hoe-bag isn’t your bestie.
No, the married fuck boi isn’t gonna be different with you.
No, those mixxy assholes are not gonna be your best friends.

No, the MAGA-loving white demons still think you are a n!gga.

when jackals show you who they are the first time

…you betta run before they take a chunk out of that pretty face.