grayling purnell seems like the absolute perfect boyfriend!

so we have gone from watching couples have sex to domestic violence?
are we that bored on musk’s twitter?
grayling purnell has been some of your latest obsessions.
he uploaded a video with him fighting his latest boy toy

what a catch!
this new one got marked as well:

( x more of them getting linked for life )

i have a question:

How low does your self-esteem need to be to get someone else’s name tatted on the side of of your face?
Someone you barely know?

i battled with self-esteem issues but i’d run if a pineapple ever suggested.
what is going on with these dudes he dates?
their families have disowned them?
graynell is a cult leader on the low?

…or are we all just in purgatory and this is just another day in hell?

i need answers cause i’m confused in the wild atm.

lowkey: we are starting to see what severe mental illness really looks like.
it’s legit fascinating to me tbh.