You’re Nothing But A Liar, A Deciever, And A Make Believer.

one thing that bothers me is someone who lies to me.
you lied to me.
well, not you who is reading.
this bastard who left my life for another fox.
i let him back in only to be lied to AGAIN.

i know.
i know.
let me explain…

we met on a chat site couple years ago.
i realized early on we would only be friends.
he wanted to be my boyfriend.
he was trying his hardest to get that peen in whatever hole i would let him.
as usual,
he is not my type plus his teeth are rotten.
i remember one time he was driving me in his car and i had to roll down the window.
it was the dead of winter.
he did whatever i asked and i will admit,
i took advantage of it on some occasions.
i was also was his friend.
i would listen to his issues and be there for him.
my issue with him is he wanted to be mr. popular to people who could care less about him.
he would do the stupidest shit to make people like him.
i would try to guide him in the right direction,
and this fool would go left.

we separated after a huge fight.
he was emotionally draining me with all his bs.
i don’t do to well with people who can’t get their shit together.
he ended up meeting this fox who only wanted him for his money and car.
once you leave my life,
i keep it moving.

we reconnected last month.
a mutual friend gave him my number.

“bet you don’t know who this is?”

i usually ignore texts like that,
but i felt like playing along.
so the fox used him and cheated on him with his friend.

i was shocked!
absolutely shocked!
(find the sarcasm).
so, now he is my best friend/trying to beat again.
i’m getting texts all throughout out the day and night.

“jamari i really need you in my life.”
“i’ve really missed you.”
“damn, you look better after all these years.”

where was he when he was with this new fox?
i didn’t get a text at all.
i’m not here for him and this,
but i won’t kick him while he is down.
i was talking to the same mutual friend about how this re-connect feels phony.
almost like he is trying to hard.
well i got the complete low down…

he always had this habit of trying to appear “down low“.
i never bought it.
no one else did.
he is older than me and still trying to impress random people.
he would make up stories to all his straight wolf friends about dating some vixen.
his “gay side of life” knew the truth,
but when you go and tell people you and your girlfriend are having a BABY??????
apparently he has people ready to throw him a baby shower.
he also lied about how he got let go from his job.
he told me he left to “find his career in the entertainment field“.
he can “go back to him job, but he left on leave to find himself“.
didn’t sound right at all.
i find out that he was fired,
where he caused a huge scene,
and had to be escorted off the property.
oh, did i mention that he is secretly trying to move in with me?

i don’t think so.
i now feel uncomfortable because i don’t know what is a lie.
he is seriously a pathological liar.
something inside told me the shit wasn’t right.
it was right.
he tries to be secret squirrel,
but i’m starting to think he is nuttier than squirrel turd.
i don’t know if i should stop talking to him or not?

if you can lie about that…

What else can you lie to me about?

11 thoughts on “You’re Nothing But A Liar, A Deciever, And A Make Believer.

  1. Why tolerate all this drama, child? Is the (insert body part or action here) that good? I was in your position once — the sex was all that — but even that had an expiration date. People lie, gut instincts dont.

    1. ^um.
      i NEVER had sex with him PERIOD.
      he wants to have sex with me.
      i’m not attracted to him.
      he is just a friend,
      and i can’t even be friend with a liar.

  2. I busted out laughing when I read he had rotten teeth. Dude is full of a lot of shit, and I bet he tries to talk his way out of things too. Get him out of your life for good.

  3. LET IT GO……..i use to date that person, lie after lie and you stay and try to be there for them hoping they will at least be honest with you…if you stay you will be in for more disappointments!!

  4. We all know these types of dude, some of us lie about our life so much that some of us get so caught up in the lies and cant stop. Run dont walk from a liar because, if he lies , he will steal and do anything, old wisdom from Grandma. You dont owe him anything, just ignore his ass, thats my motto for 2013 for toxic people. He can lie to someone else and figure this shit out on his own because you do not want to be around for the fallout when all those lies catch up with him.

  5. I know someone just like him. Almost exactly like him. Uses people for what they have. Has dreams of being some entertainment hot shot. From New York.

    Leave him alone. He’s trouble. Bad karma.

    1. ^his “career” is confusing me and doesn’t make sense.

      i’m going to stop replying to him.
      i already started.
      he has a text sitting in my phone i haven’t replied to.
      i’ll keep it like that.

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