The Bus Stop

Here, Anywherei want you to try something with me foxhole.
close your eyes.
actually don’t.
you have to read what i have to say.
okay try this.
think about a vast open plain in the middle of nowhere.
like a desert or a highway.
hell florida.
now imagine
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I Gotta Go (Soon)

1cbb622171cc495bc37f2cc8f6e1ccf6 i cannot wait…

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You Will Swallow “Thanks” On Sunday

ROS_PAS_dynamite40_10_PFi don’t think i did this.
i mean i did it in the comments,
but i wanted to say this in an entry…

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You’re Nothing But A Liar, A Deciever, And A Make Believer.

one thing that bothers me is someone who lies to me.
you lied to me.
well, not you who is reading.
this bastard who left my life for another fox.
i let him back in only to be lied to AGAIN.

i know.
i know.
let me explain…

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