Fake, Fraud, and FlimFlammery: The Life of Apollo Nida

liarliarwell i knew this was going to happen.
i knew it.
i just knew it.
apollo nida from #rhoa was going to come clean sooner or later.
i was waiting for everyone and his idiot wife to play catch up…

now am i the only one who saw through his lies?
it puzzled me why people launched so much hate at kenya.
he is a damn con artist.
his job is to lie.
why would anyone believe anything he had to say?
this is how muthafuckas get caught up.
i’m also confused why a LAWYER would even marry/procreate with an ex con.
AsLnhx7thats a whole nother story…
people aren’t going to like kenya.
she’s definitely not for everyone,
but i’m glad she finally got her name cleared last night.
i’m mad it took apollo going to jail to do it.the real joke is that he don’t even go this hard for his wife.
he was so passionate about coming clean to kenya on last night’s episode.
actin like a creep ‘n’ shit.
fo’ why lil wolf?
fo’ why?
 i wonder if he even admitted to phaedra that he lied on kenya?
would she even be woman enough to admit it?
we all know the answer to this.
you know that one is full of pride.
its just funny to me how things work tho.
the same phaedra,
the same one who tried to kill kenya’s self worth at the reunion…
well she is now a single mother of two kids.
her huzzzband don’t even respect her as bravo likes to point out.
the same porscha?…
the same of who called kenya a “whore” and “having plastic parts”
well she contradicts herself so heavy its ridiculous.
where do you even want to start with that one?
let this be a life lesson for the foxhole…
if you just wait,
and keep your cool,
your enemies will always be your foot stools.

159072507_6e0646lowkey: and how fake is kandi?
she the type that will hate you because her friend does.
one of those.
not one ounce of a thoro investigation or a fact check.
she the type to cosign the killer if it’s her people.
her karma coming soon tho.

watch episode: here

9 thoughts on “Fake, Fraud, and FlimFlammery: The Life of Apollo Nida

  1. Sorry, but I can’t agree with you 100 here. Kenya did nothing to make Phaedra believe Apollo wasn’t telling the truth. If someone lied on me saying I offered their married ass a BJ, I would want nothing to do with them. I wouldn’t flirt with them, I wouldn’t smoke a cigar with them, none of that extra shit Kenya was going.

    She kind of MADE herself look like a ho, no? Plus Apollo was Phaedra’s “husband”. You gotta believe your SO over some random person, which is what Kenya was at the time.

  2. Kandi is the most annoying person on that show. Right next to Porsha. Kandi is definitely a follower. Always in her friends’ business when it includes drama. The way she treats Kenya is so disgusting. Every time Kenya opens her mouth, Kandi rolls her eyes and throws her a shady look.

    1. In Kandi’s defense…we don’t know how Kenya is off camera or when they’re not filming, so she may very well have reason to do that stuff. They act one way when the cameras on (TRYING to play nice), but I’m sure they call each other worse once the cameras are off. LOL
      But the thing that annoys me most of all is that they let NeNe manipulate and play them…and they can’t see it. She played them at that pajama party. She started the whole shebang…and no one but Kenya called her on it. Their dumb asses sided with NeNe. THAT was sad.

      1. They are only together on camera mostly. I like Kandi, but they were all wrong for judging that situation without confirming the facts. Yea, you are right about Nene, she gets off with it.

      2. ^100%

        I personally think Kenya is playing them like a fiddle.
        she came and they tried to play her.
        it’s not her fault they can’t handle an intelligent game of chess.

  3. Yeah, hate to say it but I’m #teamtwirl all day. I know how it is to be judged for your looks d sill behavior. I have a feeling that Queen Kenya will take her rightful throne this season

  4. Real dudes don’t like on women. Apollo ain’t shit. I loved how Kenya tried to separate herself from him. When he sat down she left. All that shit he said at the reunion. What an asshole.

    1. ^i love how phaedra is looking right now.
      sometimes you gotta let your enemies show their ass.
      no need to get angry.
      just let them have their moment…

    2. I died when he called her an asshole and she replied with “The ass is going to jail, not mine”

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