MEAT: (620)

tumblr_neumqfkWLB1rpzbrbo4_1280look at those pecs…
so i saw this wolf on tumblr.
don’t know who he is.
at first i thought it was trey songz brother,
but he ain’t this level of “damn”

not at all.

lowkey: who is this?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “MEAT: (620)”

  1. Where do I begin. Those lips, that chest, and oh yeah that ass and his back!! That just don’t make no damn sense(I know double negative, but I’m flustered, forgive me) Excuse me Jamari, while I wipe of this drool and sit my ass down b/c I almost lost consciousness. Okay, now I’m better, let the gawking continue, lol

  2. Its so funny with all the tumblr, IG, and facebook of so many good looking dudes, I have become desensitize to them, but I cant front, this dude right here, Lawd, he stands out, I got a thing for noses and put in those beautiful lips. I have been seeing him all over the net, but never knew who he was. Even tho dude is PHOINE, I got more respect for his workout ethic shaping and molding that body like he has. So many fine men on Instagram, so little time-Thanks “Man” for this good detective work LoL.

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