rihanna new song put me to sleep

we felt the drizzle of rihanna reign with the superbowl announcement.
once i saw a new song was coming out today…

rihanna is gearing up for her comeback into music.
she has been gone for 6 years to become the billionaire avon lady.
she dropped her song “lift me up” today,
which will be in the new black panther: wakanda forver soundtrack.
i listened to it this morning and…

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the black panther: wakanda forever trailer was released and…

when black panther came out in 2018,
they said the sequel would come out in 2022.

here we are.

it’s 2022 and the sequel to black panther is coming out.
black panther: wakanda forever.
we lost chadwick boseman,
who starred as black panther,
back in 2020.
the talk was why would they make this without him?
who is gonna be the next black panther?
how is this even gonna go?
they released the trailer tonight and…

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