Landon Collins Wants To Sit A Racist Down At The Table To Help Her

another embarrassing black male coming through.
these tend to be my favorite entries.
this time,
it’s baller wolf of the ny giants,
landon collons.
what did he do,
you ask?
he thinks a sit down with that the racist snow hyena will help her.
since he played college for alabama,
he think’s he has that magic.
this is what he told “tmz sports”

NY Giants safety Landon Collins wants to help the Alabama sorority girl at the center of a racist video scandal, telling TMZ Sports … he’d even take her to dinner to educate her.

“i can help her” = fuck her for our ancestors?

per usual,
a fool goes to lead some poor lost snow bunny to common ground.
i wish black males would realize racism doesn’t mean someone is “lost”.
racism is who someone is.
harley knows exactly who she is.
drunk words are sober thoughts.
she doesn’t care to see,
as landon states,
that “not all black folks are that way”.
what the fuck does that phrase even mean?
i’m confused.
harley needs to take her banishment like a champ.
landon needs to shut up and play ball.
problem solved.

article cc: tmz sports

7 thoughts on “Landon Collins Wants To Sit A Racist Down At The Table To Help Her

  1. LOSER. Would he do the same thing to a racist dude? Fucking clown. Sick of these DUMB ASSES in our community spewing idiocy with their platform. MAKE IT STOP.

  2. I suppose. We all know what he really wants to do. Let him do his thing.If the blind leads the blind, they both end up in a ditch.

  3. It bothers me that these people think they can change people from who they are, but also what they were taught to be by their families. A person that chooses to be ignorant does not need to be educated, nor do they want to.

  4. I promise straight black men will legit fuck whatever she could call him a porch monkey and he’d still be like “girl you wildin’ when you gon’ let me see that pussy.” They stay thinking about self and pretending they are doing it for the black community.

  5. I am TIRED of black people thinking we can fix racism. We didn’t start this system, and trust me, you don’t want black people to end it for you. So before we change our mind like Langston Hughes suggests we might in the future, let them sort out thier own feelings about us and leave them to thier own devices.

    He too fine of a pineapple to be so sunken.

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