Mo’Nique Wants Us To Delete Our Netflix Accounts For Her

mo’nique is doing way too much,
i like her,
but she is way past the point now.
i judged her with how she handed the whole “lee/oprah/tyler”debale.
that didn’t get the conclusion she desired,
so she is going after netflix now.
she wants us to boycott netflix because of color and gender bias.
she took to her ig to tell us why…

no one is boycotting netflix for you.
does she not remember she had a movie come out in 2016.
it was called “almost christmas”.
she was one of the main draws in the trailers:

it made 15.6 million on opening weekend and came in 4th.
amy schumer,
for what i can’t understand myself,
is ultimately “in” right now.
chris rock and dave chappelle are also still big box office names.
it’s not a black” or vixen” thing.
it’s called a “business” thing.

my opinion:
she should have taken the money and did the netflix special.
after the ratings came in,
and they were positive,
she should have continued to do more since she secured the bag.
she could have found her way to guest star on tv shows.
i could definitely see her on “black-ish”.
that would help her do cross promotion to lead us back to her specials on netflix.
after that,
because this is still business,
she can start negotiating for her more money on netflix.
i don’t understand why she didn’t do that.
so because she went the opposite direction,
now she wants to call for a boycott.
she should look into opening a dance studio next.
her heart and mind seems to be into that.

lowkey: i don’t know if that husband of hers is making her do this,
but she seriously needs to re-evaluate how she is handing her image.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “Mo’Nique Wants Us To Delete Our Netflix Accounts For Her”

  1. Granted I think Netflix should have offered her more than $500k maybe at least a million dollars. But She should have taken the $500k and asked for money on the back end or made a deal that if she hit certain numbers she can get a bonus and/or bigger pay next project. I see what she is trying to say but her approach is wrong and at the end of the day she is not the “it girl.” She still thinks that she can get big bucks because of a Oscar she got 10 years ago. Also her tone when she talks to people can be a turn off. Every time she is in the news it’s not because of a new project. I’m not saying her husband is the problem(*cough) but maybe she should look into new management.

  2. Did you see that Jessie Williams is out $50k a month on spousal support?! 🙌🏾

    “Cheats” on his wife then tries to not pay anything and they said hold up. Then has to pay back support and legal fees. I need her lawyers in my life

  3. Listening to what she was saying I get it and I understand what she means however she should have taken that deal and asked for more later as suggested above like nobody took your side during the Lee daniel’s situation and they definitely won’t take your side now.

  4. Netflix did her dirty. I cannot be too surprised since the industry stays doing people this way. I also do not like how other black people treat Monique either. It is really a shame.

  5. Well, Netflix doesn’t do ratings but I generally agree with Jamari Fox and the Chris above. She likely should have taken the $500,000 and did a special and used that as a way to promote it on “all the TV shows”–The Tonight Show, The Late Late Show, etc.–and boost her popularity. Then either on the “back end” or otherwise use that leverage to get other gigs–movies, TV shows, etc. or to get a better deal with Netflix or otherwise on more specials. If you don’t play, you can’t win.

    The “ask” by her for a boycott “for her” is “a bridge too far”. To make progress, we must be more concerned with laying bricks than with throwing them. The “answer” starts with the letter “B” but it’s “BUILD” not “BOYCOTT”.

  6. I watched her full interview about the Netflix situation on Sway In The Morning (which I highly suggest you watch Jamari) and let me just say that I LOVE Mo’Nique and I support what she’s doing. When Black women stand up for themselves why is it that they always have to be told to be quite or that they’re being loud and problematic? But when it’s a white vixen for example like Michelle Williams, then EVERYONE wants to rally around her and support white women. Mo’Nique is a LEGEND and offering her 500k was an insult point blank period. At some point when will black people learn our worth and demand our respect? So I agree with Mo’Nique and respect and appreciate what she’s doing.

  7. Jamari, I’ve been reading your blogs for a few months now and I must say I initially was drawn by all the hot wolves! As I began to read more of your informative blogs, I’m more drawn to your points of view. It reassures me, I’m not alone in my thinking.

  8. I agree with Jamari on how she should’ve played this. Mo’Nique is a veteran yes but she’s not currently popular like Amy or a living legend like Dave or Chris. Of course her race and gender are a factor but this is a given and Hollywood is always about what have you done lately. That husband and his “management” are screwing her reputation and bags all up.

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