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he might have taken all off his clothes on ig.
i’ll never forget when nelly debuted “bawdy”.

remember that era?
it was when modeling for sean john underwear

it was a dream of mine to see him naked.
i knew it would probably never happen but in 222,
i guess his alleged sex tape popped up his ig stories

it’s not too big and has a nice girth.
i just knew he would be talking.
he looks like a good talker in the sack,
doesn’t he?

if that’s him,
he seemed to have leaked it to his ig stories.
how does this even happen?
was this a close friend’s situation?
is this gonna be an “i was hacked” excuse?

who is the vixen?
i will font that it can be kinda confusing.
i’ve tried posting to my main feed and if i’m not paying attention,
it’ll open up the stories section.
i gotta make sure if/when i’m being ratchet that i don’t fuck up.
either way…

Nice work Nelly!

good to see you might be joining the ranks with leaked nudes on ig.


  1. Nelly got these Streetz out here talking and its Hot in Here. I have been seeing many women and gay dudes downing him for his size and it is crazy like any man can determine what size he is going to be, it looks good to me. It is the hypocrisy for me of these same people judging Nelly size being cruel, but being upset when they are judge for their gender or sexuality, make it make sense. Nelly has always been Sexy and at 47 he is still a looker and I sure that many women and men aint turning him down no time soon. Now the streets are dragging Little Fizz. Whew 2022 is just as crazy as the rest of these years in this new decade society continues to slide down to the bottom in everything.

  2. First of off do you know how long I’ve been waiting to see his meat and I don’t know about anybody else but it looks good to me, he had a good size and thickness on him… I think ppl are just use to this new generation of oversized dicks these boys are carrying but Nelly got that come home to me dick

  3. You know what I’m happy about all of this Ish…I always thought his dick was just average, the perfect size to start to know about Dick and yup I was correct. 😅💯 Not complaining..just happy my fantasy was fullfilled 😅😅always liked him. I wish it was me on that dick 😅😅😅😅😅💯👍🏿

  4. Most men are this size. It’s a normal size having a huge dick is not a common thing. Porn has fucked up a lot of ppls perceptions. Nelly can get it any day!

    1. ^ i think people forget that when a male throws his back into his strokes,
      he can put a good beating on your hole with the size of that penis.
      the girth of his pipe is probably an issue…

  5. The moans were so hot. His penis is perfect. I wish it was in me…. lol

    Straight women demand way too much from men. The dude needs to be making 6 figures, be ripped to the gawds, and have a 18″ dick :/

  6. I’ll never forget seeing that damn ‘country grammar’ video and wanting to jump thru the TV. Been crushin on that man since hs.

    Size is fine. Porn has ppls perceptions jacked up.

  7. I don’t see the problem with the size. Seems average to me. If they don’t want it I’ll take it. 😜

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