i think but i’m not sure…
i wrote about my time going to “the wendy williams show”.
i went with pose and it was right when the show first started.
the episode we were on never aired,
but i was in the promo for a little while.
fun fact?
i knew with all the pushbacks,
featured guests,
and no shows that aunt wendy was done.
you could tell she was not coming back and was holding the show hostage.
well after 13 seasons,
aunt wendy has allegedly come to an end of her own show.
the new alleged host is…

“The Wendy Williams Show” has been a revolving door this season as the host struggles with various ailments, and now TMZ has learned a “‘permanent guest host” is about to be named.
Multiple sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ … Sherri Shepherd will take the reigns of the show beginning in September. Our sources say the deal is almost locked, and everyone involved expects it will be inked in the very near future.

congratulations sherri shepherd!

i’m not mad if she was the replacement.
wasn’t she treated badly on the view?
speaking of the view,
wtf happened to barbara walters???????

sometimes things happen and become a blessing for another.

Sherri was set up for her blessing!

aunt wendy was so serious about never having guest hosts.
she always said if she wasn’t gonna be on her radio show,
they would play a rerun for the day.
i had to wonder if she was okay with sherri taking her spot?
i feel like she wasn’t able to “bow out” the way she would.
i’d expect a dramatic retirement out of her.
she had a great run on tv tho.
13 seasons is a tremendous blessing.
let’s see if sherri can take it that long too.

article cc: tmz

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.


  1. I just hope Wendy has support, because she is becoming undone publicly. It’s one thing to hide behind the facade, but when someone like her starts to not care about the truth seeping out anymore, it can be a really bad sign of where she is mentally and/or emotionally.

  2. Everything isn’t karma. I’m getting tire of people jumping to it’s their karma. Shut up. Everything bad happens to us isn’t karma it’s call life. Get into it

    1. I agree. And regardless of people’s views on this, Wendy definitely paved the way for a lot of drama and gossip platforms. It’s also ironic and sad how she went downhill ever since she split from her husband. If she was still under his supervision, even though he was spoiling others behind her back or whatever, things wouldn’t become this bad for her, I guess.

    2. And considering she had birth so many from her radio days it seems as though people are more happy because they want the spot.

  3. Barbara retired and sold her stake in the show. I don’t think they should give Sherri Wendy show, I say cancel Wendy and give Sherri her own show. Sherri can handle it. She was groomed with The View, she is actually funny. She can pull guests Wendy couldn’t because of the way Wendy did things. That’s why Wendy had almost 30 minutes of Hot Topics.

  4. I agree, Sherri should get a show of her own. Wendy was a tough, rough one. Losing her Mom and the prior disintegrating of her marriage, simply made Wendy go under and retreat.
    Building a career on not gossip alone; but being soooo judgemental and nasty about so many others, particularly African American women and men. Once her health is back up to snuff, she will resurface.🌹♥️🌹

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