i won’t even cap but i haven’t been watching power book 2 on starz.
it’s not that i didn’t like it but i kinda forgot.
it happened between depression and their long hiatus during season 1.
is mary still alive on that show?
last i saw was dru,
who is played by lovell adams-gray,
is mary’s gay son on the show.
r&b singing wolf,
reposted this on his ig about actors playing gay characters


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…and of course,
there was a ton of “no“.
an actor whose job is to ACT AS A GAY MALE is an issue…

… but they’ll be okay to fawn over the murderers,
domestic abusers,
soul sellers,
tax evaders,
and the disrespectful who will always leave the toilet seat up that act now.

okay well…

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  1. But the irony is the low hanging fruit that say no are with the guys are who trash with skid marks in their boxers. Not surprised they’ll cape for pedophile in real life but if someone is gay they’re up in arms

  2. These are the blk ppl who don’t leave their blocks, and think Ari Fletcher is worth following.

    Also why I went transracial a long time ago…

  3. There is this stereotype that if you play gay you are automatically gay. Remember Will played Gay for Six Degrees of Separation, they said he was gay and this was before Jada came in the picture. This was the reason why Sheree left him “allegedly”. Jensen Atwood who played gay is straight. Yayha Abdul-Manteen played gay for the Netflix series Black Mirror. Its just bullshit.

  4. Dumb and Dumber!

    The mindset of some of these Black people, ESPECIALLY AVANTE( who lowkey always looks a little off) Is so disappointing.

    Their dumb asses forgot that Will Smith ( One of the biggest black actors ever) played a gay character” Six Degrees of Separation” and his career went even bigger,

  5. Jamari you should watch it. The second season is better than the first. They really improved the writing this season and the show has come into its own.

    1. I know I’m not Jamari and you weren’t talking to me, but I couldn’t take Tariq seriously. Where does a rich, prep school kid who was shielded from his parents’ drug dealing pasts until a year ago find the time to run a drug empire while murdering ppl, doing an accelerated degree program at a rigorous university, tutoring/doing homework for athletes, handling his mother’s federal appeals case, sukn them lil girls’ titties, and wiping his ass? I just couldn’t take him seriously.

      But I heard Tommy’s story just dropped, and I’m here for that. Do we need to have seen the 2nd season of Tariq to start Tommy?

  6. I feel the same way about men who gay it is up Onlyfans for money so I can’t disagree with those ladies. If I were a straight female, I wouldn’t be too proud about my man putting food on the table that his sugar daddies essentially bought him for being a male prostitute. That’s just not masculine to me.

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