today was different than the rest

i had an amazing day today.
i didn’t win the lottery or anything,
but it was just a really positive experience.
ever since i had to sage tf out my crib,
and started carrying two crystals i charged with me,
i noticed a shift in the energy.

i wish all of my days went like this.

so i went to work expecting issues with the spies.
i guess since i didn’t care,
it allowed me to be prepared for the worst.
well nothing was addressed to me about it.
it wasn’t my business to ask either.
weirdly enough,
my boss was extra nice to me today too.
instead of being on high alert,
i just went with the flow.

my money has been crazyyyyyy.
it has been a rough few weeks of paying down credit cards.
on the train,
i felt a little upset about it,
but i decided to turn the thoughts around.
i did my budget over on this app “monny”:

( x see app here )

…and started to track my spending everyday.
i moved some money onto my “cash app” card for my budget.
after a while,
i said no need in feeling upset over money.
if i sit in “lack” then i’ll continue to attract it.
like wolves,
it comes and it goes.

during the day,
i looked at tumblr pages of the life i wanted to live too.
i wanted to see images of beautiful things/places/objects.
that also helped put me in a good mood too.

how do those with money act?
how would they feel?
how would they walk?
who do they hang around?

i think when i looked at alla that,
plus the positive affirmations,
and read up on some “law of attraction” stuff,
it helped to change my mind frame too.
so i spent the day feeling very calm and relaxed.
it was so weird for me,
but i want to try and keep this same energy tho.
it’s tough when you suffer from depression,
because at any moment it can switch,
but i realized it’s achievable if i want to make a change.

2 thoughts on “today was different than the rest

  1. That’s great something I’ve been doing lately is mediating & I keep a journal where I write about positive things happening in my life & what im doing those have really been keeping me positive and joyful as of late.

    Its not been stopping me from having my moments but I’ve been feeling just really positive.

    1. ^meditating is so hard!!!!

      i have a grateful journal i update every night.
      that helps bring more positive experiences among the moments.

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