aubrey o’day looks very… different from when you may have last saw her

danity kane was special,
wasn’t it?
their first two albums are pretty iconic.
aubrey o’day was always the “speak her mind” within that group.
i fucked with her.
i fuck with anyone who doesn’t back down.
over the years,
she has morphed into “i don’t even know what“:

well i was alerted on her alleged new look and…


i had to ask the sender for a receipt.
i couldn’t believe what i was seeing.
i’m confused because she promotes “fat tummy tea“:

i honestly don’t understand what is going on.
i felt like i woke up into another alternate universe when i saw those pics.
that is not how i last remembered aubrey.
after chadwick,
many got scolded and shamed for dragging folks due to their bawdies.
we truly don’t know what others are going through.
even lana del rey blew up during this rona season:

most of us just ate our supply food during this rona.
it has been stressful.
i lost weight due to anxiety and bouts of depression.
many of our bawdies handle stress differently.
aubrey posted receipts claiming otherwise during the verzuz battle last night:

i don’t know if it’s the full moon or what,
but i’m confused af.

lowkey: how did the paps even know it was her?
she look like a whole nother person.

pictures taken from articles: here | here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “aubrey o’day looks very… different from when you may have last saw her”

  1. Yeaaa, noooo….

    That’s 100% her dog.

    That tattoo on her side is the exact same as Aubreys.

    IDK WHO she fooling with that snatched filter, but girl better accept how she looks and work to fix it rather that dig deeper in believing the lie.

  2. Boy oh boy its like night and day, two different ppl. I can see why ppl are surprised but life hits you with a 2,3 punch. You got to live sometimes.

  3. Something is clearly wrong with this chick psychologically.

    The way she jumped off the deep end of plastic surgery and looks like a fun house version of her former self screams trauma.

    I don’t even believe she likes to sing. She just wants to be famous

    If that’s really her in person it’s become scary what photoshop and filters can do.

  4. Baby I HAD to go to her IG to see if this is true! it’s not, she done had to put up a story with her in the mirror holding a SIGN that reads “this is me Aubrey O’Day August 31st 2020” lol She was NOT about to have people thinking that’s her

    1. Well the woman in the photo has the same written tattoo under her side-boob and on the back of her neck as well as the same dog.

      …..i would not be surprised if she shopped her gram

  5. Aubrey is on the BET Reality Show, Encore.
    She looks like that doll Annabelle to me😳😳😳😳😳😳

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