see what really happened bts of brandy and monica at their verzuz

i knew of silentbx when i ran heavy in the local new yawk talent circle back in the day.
silent is a blogger/vlogger for the site,
“true exclusives”,
but he is the plug to being close to brandy’s camp.
while all these folks worshiped brandy,
but he was the only one who had real direct access to her.
it amused me watching them begging him to be put on.
from what i knew of him,
he was moved quiet and focused on his brand.
 everyone has been saying brandy and monica had low beef at their verzuz,
 silent showed another side bts

i was expecting to hear they scrapped back stage,
but good to see that silent put all those rumors to rest.
i’m so impressed both queens pulled in those numbers for verzuz.

They gonna have to pull Bey or Rih next.

2 thoughts on “see what really happened bts of brandy and monica at their verzuz

  1. People want them to beef so bad. Their personalities are different, but just because they’re not besties doesn’t mean they hate each other. All I saw during the verzuz was mutual respect.

  2. Commenters talking about them “lowkey shading each other” was irking the fuck out of me. Because of their turbulent history people were trying to detect any tiny little movement, facial expression or compliment as shade. As brandy stated they talked before verzus about their differences clearing the air.

    Their personalities are night and day, so at times it may have seemed forced. But they both complimented each other through out most of the verzus. I saw it thoroughly and didn’t detect any type of shade. I have no clue what the hell everybody else was seeing. Just starting shit for memes and viral tweets. This also made me realize that a lot of celeb beefs are initiated by these crazy ass fans comparing and contrasting.

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