emma “leezy” chartol, andre marhold’s baby mama, is taking back her power

the caption for this picture tho…

jeffree finally did the blood and cum exchange sacrifice for longer life?
i kid.
so as andre marhold’s baby mama,
emma “leezy” chartol,
i know this shit-uation is probably all still a shock for her.
her baby daddy allegedly left her for lord voldermort and she’s in pure confuzzlement.
you know she has something to say.
well you’re in luck because a foxholer sent me her exclusive interview.
she is taking back her power ya’ll…

i love the concerned look of the host.
really driving it home.
here is the full interview with shayla raye of “nstyleatlanta“:

he def has a type.
well she has a right to tell her story.
it seems like she was really blind sided by all of this.
at this point,
nothing will make andre look good in the public’s eyes.
i don’t even think he cares tbh.
once jeffree sucks him dry and throws him in the trash,
i can’t wait to see what he’s gonna do next.

lowkey: is it me or did he look more attractive “before”…

( x see his ig here )

10 thoughts on “emma “leezy” chartol, andre marhold’s baby mama, is taking back her power

  1. …no judgement no offense and this is just my opinion. But he look sick, Jeffree look sick and the girlfriend look lika man. A whole freaking shit show. Sheesh!

  2. Jeffree Star is worth $100mil. Let this guy live his life.,

    If Jeffree slid in my DM’s, yall better not say shit when y’all see me whipping the Lambo truck in Hidden Hills.

  3. The one that stuck out in that interview when she said, that he was going to LA for a business trip and that he’ll would be back in 10 days.

  4. I still can’t believe that fool Andre is with that Marilyn Mansion reject after it got swallow and thrown back out!

  5. Is it me ,or does he ” HAVE A TYPE” spanning both genders??? She has a very ” Strong ” face for a woman. His black male lover and this” Pale Cave Dwelling Subterranean Creature “also has this “Strong ” featured look .

    Not judging ,but I am fascinated on how we humans stick to a specific type.

    [ Side note ]

    Love your content and coverage Jamari!!!!! Keep up the amazing work!

    1. ^not ” Pale Cave Dwelling Subterranean Creature”

      thank you BIB!
      big shout out to the foxholers who always send me in stories as well.
      we all work as a unit to make the foxhole the greatest!

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