see what really happened bts of brandy and monica at their verzuz

i knew of silentbx when i ran heavy in the local new yawk talent circle back in the day.
silent is a blogger/vlogger for the site,
“true exclusives”,
but he is the plug to being close to brandy’s camp.
while all these folks worshiped brandy,
but he was the only one who had real direct access to her.
it amused me watching them begging him to be put on.
from what i knew of him,
he was moved quiet and focused on his brand.
 everyone has been saying brandy and monica had low beef at their verzuz,
 silent showed another side bts

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Everyone Has Something To Say About Brandy

tumblr_mccyokx7RF1qilxguo1_r1_500so i love brandy.
she was actually one of the first singing chicks i got into.
her voice>>>
her harmonies>>>
her runs>>>
her everything>>>
hell she was the one of the reasons i tuned into the game.
if it wasn’t for her,
blue’s pectorals,
malik’s face,
and tasha mack’s mouth…
that would be a non factor in my show rotation.
well i saw this video today and it got me…

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