Everyone Has Something To Say About Brandy

tumblr_mccyokx7RF1qilxguo1_r1_500so i love brandy.
she was actually one of the first singing chicks i got into.
her voice>>>
her harmonies>>>
her runs>>>
her everything>>>
hell she was the one of the reasons i tuned into the game.
if it wasn’t for her,
blue’s pectorals,
malik’s face,
and tasha mack’s mouth…
that would be a non factor in my show rotation.
well i saw this video today and it got me…

tumblr_inline_mpp7f63BU41qz4rgpi thought this was extremely touching.
i know one thing,
when she started to cry…
right in my marshmallow fruity pebbles.
i hate to see people cry like that.
something tells me that brandy doesn’t believe in herself like she should.
that makes me like her even more.
i know the struggles.
the fact she has been in this business 20 years is amazing.
20 years tho?
a black vixen still working.
not even mad at that.
sure she isn’t selling out stadiums like the other chicks,
but brandy solidified her status within the game.
she pretty much helped open doors for the other chicks.
respect the hustle.
my favorite brandy song?
well glad you asked!

those songs would fit perfectly on my foxi life soundtrack.

lowkey: is it me or is the video version of “talk about our love” different from the album?

video from: true exclusives

10 thoughts on “Everyone Has Something To Say About Brandy

  1. Right on for Brandy, being a old school music head, I just started getting into Brandy when one of my friends who is absolute Stan for her turned me on to her music. I always like her clean cut image when she was younger but never really listen to her music. Let me tell you, I have been missing out. Brandy is a vocal beast, and as far as young vocalist go one of the best. I dont mean to pit her against the others but she is in a class by herself and she has the respect of her peers to prove it. Most of todays artist are merely singers, but the difference with her is her unique tone, no one else has it, she is like vocalist Toni Braxton and Anita Baker who are not known for high notes but who can move you just the same with their low dusky voices. Brandy can sang yall and its sad that she is not getting her just due in this industry for her new material, but she is a survivor who career will always thrive because she has genuine talent, and you can tell she has a humble genuine spirit, despite being in this cut throat music industry. I wish her all the best and I am glad that they are paying tribute and giving her flowers while she is still here.

  2. i think the call from Robert Glasper for “Black Radio II” opened her eyes a little bit.

    She sees herself as one of many, but I’ve heard everyone from B Slade to India Arie to Kierra Sheard to Sean Garrett call her one of the best that’s ever did it. To many, she is their favorite singer’s favorite singer.

    1. ^you can tell she doesn’t believe it.
      i sensed the video was allowing her to see she means something to so many people.
      what the guy said at the end was a clue.
      her tears came off very genuine and i felt her pain.

      1. that humility keeps her hungry. She’s had poorly promoted albums, and one horrible video (Aphrodisiac), but she’s never been listless behind that mic. She’s always meant business when it comes to her vocal.

  3. she’s great and i’m SOO glad people are giving her props the girl has sold over 30 million records, has done film, tv shows, and music successfully she deserves her props and was one of the first black artists from the 90’s that crossed over successfully into different arenas…granted like you said she’s not selling out stadiums and etc but 20 years in the game is time that 95% of these artists today WILL NEVER see…i’d love to see her do a track with India.Arie, Kelly Rowland or Beyonce i feel their voices together would be heaven sent…my fav track from her is “He is” and “Full Moon”, “Have you ever” and “Wildest Dreams”…

  4. When I saw the title, I thought you meant the fact that they call her a killer/murderer.Not of music though, of people.

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