Music Celebs Read Mean Tweets (On Jimmy Kimmel Doe)

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 7.31.35 PMi love when jimmy kimmel does his “mean tweets” segment.
this made me smile…
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Shine Your Light On Us

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Everyone Has Something To Say About Brandy

tumblr_mccyokx7RF1qilxguo1_r1_500so i love brandy.
she was actually one of the first singing chicks i got into.
her voice>>>
her harmonies>>>
her runs>>>
her everything>>>
hell she was the one of the reasons i tuned into the game.
if it wasn’t for her,
blue’s pectorals,
malik’s face,
and tasha mack’s mouth…
that would be a non factor in my show rotation.
well i saw this video today and it got me…

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High Definition For Dummies

i found this site on tumblr,
i have been fascinated for the last hour.
take a look inside:


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Jamari Fox’s Guide On How Not Be The Thirst Bucket With The Attention Whore

we can’t avoid them.
hell they aren’t easy to ignore.
you know them very well.
they are the fun-filled characters who dominate our social media experience.
they have the best bodies and perfect faces.
they are a mystery (until you find their twitter and it completely turns you off).
they command re-blogged pictures and over 100 likes.
same face; same smile; same poses.
this is how they keep up their “celebrity” status.
they always have a talent (average at best).
it’s like they need to “be” something for us to like them.
model, rapper, singer, or business man.
one that we hope will one day be recognized by the upper echelon.
but for now,
they find their audience through computer screens and cell phones.
they are our fantasy.
we hope that with enough comments,
they will finally “@” us to show their acknowledgement.
well i’m here to tell you stop being stupid…

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No Really, Tell Me What You Are REALLY Feeling.


Some of us cry when we are our lowest.
Others get mad and rebel.
But, our true feelings come out when we are “going through it“.

 I saw this on Tumblr and it made me sad.
Maybe because today, I am feeling some kind of way.
My emotions are high.
I am actually sitting in my crib with low lighting and just not in the mood to be bothered.
Phone is about to go on airplane mode and either Jay Z or Ye is about to be coming out my speakers.
So, yeah, I could indentify with about one or two of the following.
What about you?…

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