Shine Your Light On Us


we see these stars and they shine their light over us.
they are unreachable massive amount of ego we look up too.
we get mesmerized by their talent.
sometimes its not even talent at all.
it’s movement.
its action.
it’s confidence.
they’re like a mirror sometimes.
we see something within ourselves in them as they reflect on our televisions.
“i would do that too!”
they make us feel brave when we are scared.
we listen to them pouring their hearts out over tracks.
we relate even though we don’t know them.
they act as a “strong” character in a movie or tv show.
it inspires us to walk a little taller.
the problem with us is we get so invested in these stars.
we forgot that at one point,
that person we stan for,
was once “us“.
they were looking at stars before them and saying the same.
we don’t see the team of people who molded them,
tell them what to say,
how to act,
and who to date.
the person who when they make a mistake,
will write a couple words to diffuse the situation.
we don’t realize they are still that same person,
that person who is “us”,
but just with a brand new attitude and a team behind them.
a team that gets paid to make “us” like them.
they still get abused.
they fuck on the first date and get cheated on the next.
they still cry.
they are still riddled with low self worth.
the only thing is they have people to make them fabulous.
once the star starts to dim however,
they go back to being “us” again.
i guess i perosnally get lost in the image that i’ll defend one of my favs for being human.
the difference with me and others is i can be objective.
just like with regular folk in my life,
if you fuck up then you fucked up.
it is what it is.
fix it.
hell ive met some of my star heros and they were pleasant,
thank god,
but i had to ask myself,
what did you do or sacrifice to get to this point?”
i won’t hate them,
but would i really want to know?
and would
i do the same to join them?


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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  1. I’m no shining star but I know for a fact that I sacrifice my social and romantic life for my successful. I dont regret it though. I am a amazing guy, with some serious goals..

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