Is Herbalife Taking People Money or Nah?

herbalifenewwould you let him coach you?
yes that is another “health and wellness” coach from herbalife for us to gawk over.
well an f-bi sent me this article from clark howard about herbalife.
you know i’m always asking:

Is this shit a scam?

well i may get some light shed on my question…

Screen Shot 2014-04-26 at 2.17.44 PM
A popular weight loss program is treading the fine line between
multi-level marketing (OK) and a pyramid scheme (not OK)!
Do you know the difference?

Herbalife is a company I’ve long taken calls about dating back to the 1980s. They sell vitamins, dietary supplements, skin and hair care, protein drinks and so on. Estimates suggest they have nearly $3.5 billion in sales.

But they’ve come under a cloud of doubt with allegations their products are just a front for a Ponzi scheme.

“Money from the millions of low- and middle-income people at the bottom of the pyramid is being transferred to the tiny fraction of distributors at the top of the pyramid,” Wall Street power player William A. Ackman was quoted saying in The New York Times. “It’s Robin Hood in reverse.”

Now there are investigations at all levels of government to determine if the company is a pyramid scheme or not. The courts will ultimately have to decide that. But as for you, I want to suggest a simple test you can do on the Herbalife business model or any other:

If the big push is about recruiting other people into an organization, if that’s where all the money is made, then it will tend toward being a pyramid.

On the other hand, if the real money is made selling products or services to those not involved in the organization, then it is likely a legitimate multi-level marketing organization.

*scratches head*
…so is it a scam or nah?
i say do your investigation fully before you invest your money in anything.
ain’t that right dominican wolf?
personally i’ll continue to gawk at the herbalife transformationsHERBANUT…while wondering what that herbanut tastes.
said it.

uh huh.
you thought it tho.

lowkey: ^that “tea” looks like it tastes like pure poison btw.

article found: clarkhoward

8 thoughts on “Is Herbalife Taking People Money or Nah?

  1. I can’t help admiring the hustle. They have folk thinking there is a difference between Multi- level marketing and pyramid schemes. One may be barely legal, this week. But, both prey on the dreams of the desperate and reward those most willing to hustle their friends and family.

  2. In truth… YES, it’s a scam… a pyramid scam. The only way you make any money being a Herbalife or Visalis “trainer” is by hiring people (a lot of people) under you. Just like how those guys who came to your place were trying to do. They (Herbalife, and Visalis) have video DVD’s and everything just like the goons who tried to make a dime off of you. And get this, if you check the ingredients of herbalife and visuals, they have the same ingredients as… wait for it… wait for it… Slim-fast! Yes, Slim-fast. I personally know people who have gotten sucked into their bullshit fantasy of making thousands behind selling over-priced Slim-fast.

    1. I agree, its all a gimmick. Selling supplements that can be had from regular food. People, eat your chicken and eggs.

  3. For some reason, I imagine all herbanuts tasting like pills and old tea.

    I don’t get why idiots buy into this shit anyway, then again, I know of another billion dollar industry that makes bank from lazy people because they want attention from muscular men. Oh well, keep scamming these idiots.

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