Was Draya Wrong or Nah?

DRAYADRAYADRAYAdraya michelle is an interesting character.
one minute i see her on “basketball wives: la” and i think she is a tolerable.
next she does that  “thinking out loud thing” on social media and i give her my trusty “britney spears gif”.
well this time on another session of “pull all her twitter weave out”,
she started talking about pyramid schemes and how people need real jobs.
the irony,
but was she wrong for her opinion in these tweets tho?…

gifney23i cringed at her mentions,
i really did.
 does draya actually have a point this time?
if you ignore the source,
it seems like the current generation has celebrated the “get rich quick” scheme.
does anyone actually want to work anymore?
or is it that there are no jobs that people have to find other options to survive?
drug dealing out; being a “twitter to instagram” salesman online in?
for some they do actually make some bread,
but is it really just antics for others?
hell draya turned stripping,
baller wolf chasing
swimsuit line promotion,
slight reality show attention whoring,
and then back to baller chasing
into a legit career.
is she the “hero of hustle”?
the “the deluionista of grandeur and grind”?
tumblr_maaf055zRm1r3ty02o1_500so motor club of america,
mary kay,
and real estate (according to draya)…
is this the new way to make ends meet?
i had to wonder…

Are what we call “scams” really the the new “9 to 5”?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “Was Draya Wrong or Nah?”

  1. When “real estate” involves buying and selling ” courses” on flipping houses with little or no money down, Draya is right.

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