High Definition For Dummies

i found this site on tumblr,
i have been fascinated for the last hour.
take a look inside:



go here to see more

some look great up close,
others are wearing a ton of make up,
the rest made me scream out loud.

now i see why a lot of celebs wanted to ban high def.
kim k’s face is flawless.
good job to her makeup artist.

19 thoughts on “High Definition For Dummies

  1. Damn I can say I was not ready for that, why does Jay-Z and Joe Jackson look they are the same age, and Kanye aint far behind. This really sheds light on who is aging badly. Surprisingly Jada Pinkett and President Obama as well as a few others were not that bad and Lil Kim was actually better than a lot of them on their. Janet, OMG now that was a shocker, some of these people on here I didnt even know. In all these celebs defense, I dont think I would want to see myself on that super camera either.

  2. Contouring is so interesting to me. That European standard of beauty is a bitch, ain’t it?

  3. Some of them aren’t bad tho.

    Do any of you remember the days when Wayne used to be kinda sexy? Between 04 and 07 I thought he was looking kinda right. His face was fuller with clearer skin and he had less tats. He even had more body to him.

      1. He looks horrible now, but it was a time that he didn’t look as bad. The old Wayne did it for me man. He was looking hot in that stuntin like my daddy video years ago in my opinion lol.

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