High Definition For Dummies

i found this site on tumblr,
i have been fascinated for the last hour.
take a look inside:


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Speaking Of Pretty Faces…

the discussion about pretty faces goes hard.
see the various LAY DOWN SOME RUBBER posts.
click here and here.
i love reading the comments, to be honest.
i’m finding them very interesting and informative.
i saw this picture of the ultimate pretty boy and wanted to know what was the difference between this one…

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LAY DOWN SOME RUBBER: Battle of The Pretty Face Edition (42)

remember ol boy from this entry: LAY DOWN SOME RUBBER (41)
seems like he toned it down.
i was actually really interested in the answers in that entry.
i saw another who i wanted to ask about a while back.
so i said, self:
“why not mesh them together + 2 more for a little challenge…”

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