Speaking Of Pretty Faces…

the discussion about pretty faces goes hard.
see the various LAY DOWN SOME RUBBER posts.
click here and here.
i love reading the comments, to be honest.
i’m finding them very interesting and informative.
i saw this picture of the ultimate pretty boy and wanted to know what was the difference between this one…

…and the others?
is this a natural pretty?
and would christian keyes still get the business even if he was M.A.C pretty?

lowkey: i already know my answer.
click here.
his body is so sculpted….

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “Speaking Of Pretty Faces…”

  1. CK is handsome. I wouldn’t describe him as pretty. I don’t have to squint to wonder what look/gender he is trying to go for OR want to check ID because he looks like a preteen. Masculinity is key. Well-groomed does not have to equal feminine.

    Matt Kemp is the threshold, another handsome man, depending on the angle can veer off into prettiness. It’s a fine line.

  2. I swear we make everything so damn difficult. So many rules. I like men…period…pretty…rough….smooth…hairy…just be a man when you take all those labels off at night.

    Personally I did the whole makeup thing in my early twenties and I am not ashamed of that and i don’t knock the next dude who does it…even if it’s extreme.

    I like individuality so If you are going to do the whole pretty boy look…be yourself FIRST!

    If the queen next to you don’t like, don’t fret because there are plenty who do!

    It’s all in one’s preference! We like what we like.

    My own problem is with people, insist on bashing others for who they are…

  3. I may be giving way too much away by saying this, but there is a 60’s song by the Temptations called: Beauty’s only skin deep – yeah yeah yeah!!!!!

    It’s the man inside that really counts, but having a nice outter wrapping certainly doesn’t hurt!

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