what will people think?!
i have maintained an image of ultimate perfection and….
….awww who i am kiddin?


i know you been waiting to see the long stroke on this big bad wolf:

well, natalie nunn is upset.
someone hacked her ipad and is about to leak all her and her husband’s business.
i say LEAK IT.

Bad Girls Club star Natalie Nunn thought the raunchy footage she shot with her husband was for their eyes only, but now the newlyweds are being blackmailed by a mystery taunter who is threatening to make their freaky flicks public, has exclusively learned.

“Someone stole Natalie’s iPad and found the personal sex recordings she and her husband had made, and now she is receiving threats!” A friend of Nunn’s exclusively tells

“They were in New York doing promos for Bridezillas and at first she thought her iPad was taken directly out of her hotel room, but then realized she had left it on the subway.”

The possibility of being revealed on the Internet in all his glory has mortified Nunn’s husband of four months, Jacob Payne, who lambasted his wife for not locking her tablet up when she knew there was naughty footage on there.

“He is an athlete and not a Hollywood guy and wants nothing to do with being exposed,” says the pal.

After coming to terms with the reality that she had lost the precious footage, Nunn, 27, told her friend she was shocked to discover last week that the person who found it wanted big money to keep it secret.

my ipad has a password.
settings > general > passcode lock.
their frienemy aka publicist also had something to share…

“Someone starting threatening Natalie saying they were going to sell the footage, unless she pays up,” explains the insider. “At first Natalie thought it was a hoax but then they sent a screen shot showing her and Jacob bucket-nekkid having sex, so she immediately called her lawyer.”

“Natalie told me, ‘It has been horrible, I wake up every day and check Twitter thinking someone is going to post it,’” reveals her concerned friend.

Along with the X-rated screen shot, the blackmailer warned Nunn that they planned to sell it to the highest bidder unless she paid them $100,000.

With a new marriage and a hot reality spin-off called Tea Party With Natalie Nunn, life has been so great for the former Bad Girl that she considered trying to buy back the footage to save the embarrassment.

“Her parents are so proud, and now this! They would die if they saw it, her dad is a deacon of her church and she hasn’t had the courage to tell them yet. She just wanted it to go away,” says the friend.

Rather than confessing to the blunder, Nunn invited her parents to Los Angeles and tried to show them how much she had changed since Bad Girls Club.

“She is dedicated to her new show and being respectable and hardworking,” her friend tells Radar. “People were saying she could be the next Wendy Williams, but if this comes out, there’s going to be some serious drama!

“Natalie is going to be interviewing major celebs and athletes on her new show, and now a sex scandal? It makes her feel like she is going backwards with her reputation,” the friend says.

wendy williams?


first of all: i refuse to believe she has any friends.
that was the first sign of the foolishness.
secondly: a hot sex tape just as your show is about to premiere?
her run is running out.
who is really checking for her besides faithful viewers of oxygen and people trapped in 2009?
third: i get all this media role play,
but i won’t even BOTHER tuning into the show unless i see:

a) her throwing a table at some UN-suspecting vixen
b)mean strokes from this:

with a grip of natalie’s hair,
making her beg for mercy.
i feel the only time she submits is with a mean pipe asking, “whose is it“?

lowkey: is he a football player
or a model?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.


  1. I get tired of people LYING about leaving their electronics devices around that just so happen to contain personal shit that could embarrass them.

    Hell, I’d sweat bullets anytime someone used my Ipod or phone over some shirtless pics of Reggie Bush so you think I’d let my Ipad with my sex videos out of my sight?

    I call bullshit. They want to be famous so bad.

    1. ^shit,
      I get on guard when I give someone my phone and a text message pops up on the screen.
      this vixen wanted to see my phone and you would have thought I gave her the queen’s diamonds LOL

      I wouldn’t be surprised if there was no sex tape.
      or, if they made one last week and will conveniently leak it.
      a publicist fox who worked with some big names taught me something:

      “two things to prove something is legit in hollywood. it happens when no one is checking for you
      or you don’t have any projects coming out.”

      that whole story sounded like a write up from a publicist.

      1. you hit the nail on the head with:
        a. password lock or the big one
        b. find my ipad which is free and can be activated from any other computer not only disabling the ipad BUT GPS can pin point its location.

    2. Shit. This Natalie Nunn we’re talking about here. She’s not too smart so this is NOT a publicity stunt. She really left it there. LOL

  2. Jacob’s photo in that tub of milk…woo Lawd, he looks like he has cakes!

    And yeah…this is some bool – the only thing leaking is his cvm out of her azz…

  3. Wow how could she be so careless? That’s what happens when you have too many electronics. She has a husband a new talk show and she’s dumb enough to leave her ipad on a subway and now a freaky footage is now in the hands of a dangerous person. If it leaks that might take her back a few steps. That’s just as bad as leaving your phone somewhere with all your texts and nasty pictures on it. I keep my phone tied to my hip and attached to headphones 90% of the time. If I got my music I got my phone. LOL. How many of y’all would panic if you lose your phone or laptop? I tore up my side of dorm room many times when I lost my phone. Lmao….

    S/N: Is there any in room in the tub for me Jacob? There is a space in the front but I don’t wanna be there. LOL.

  4. most football players crave the attention and desire to be public pretty boys so, 90% of them are “models” too. So her dad is a deacon and she went on Bad girls club to fuck half the city and yet he can’t deal with her fucking her ‘husband’ .. right

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