young ma ain’t look too good right now

when we are young,
some of us live a very fast life.
we drink,
and party with no apologies.

All of that can catch up with us as we get older.

young ma is no stranger to living a fast life.
she likes to have a good time but it seems it’s catching up

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Give Me A Good Facial

facialsloveso as a fox,
or hybrid,
it is always best to put your best face forward.
you don’t know when you will be headed to an event,
meeting new people,
or even a job interview.
besides having your style swagg on point,
you face also has to be the same as well.
so lets talk the wonderful world of facials.
it is best to always exfoliate your skin every two-three days.
depends on what your skin type is.
i personally rotate every three days.
exfoliating is basically removing dead skin and bringing forth your “glow”.
this is the “glow” era memba?
now choosing the right scrub can be a pain,
especially if you don’t know what your skin type is.
well have no fear,
“le luxe le fox” salon is here.
i have some good drug store suggestions for you to check out…
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Who Wants To Spend A Hangover Shirtless Vacation With Blake Griffin?

i do!
i do!
blake brought his la clippers teammates,
deandre jordan and chauncey billups,
to mykonos, greece with him.
look at all their shirtless bromancing action on psarou beach…

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I Want To Swallow… But There Is No Health Benefits In It For Men.


tumblr_m3ufo4qE8Q1qg3v0qo1_500you been playing tonsil hockey with your wolf’s stick for a half an hour.
his thighs start to tense up.
“oh shit i’m bout to nut.
where you want it?”

on your face?
in your hair?
in your ear drums?
down your throat?
well not so fast foxes!
it’s actually better for vixens to swallow.
aww poot!
i know.
they get all the luck, don’t they?
this video has that and other bodily fluid fun facts

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You’re Dark Skinned So I’m Not Even Interested In You.

i caught up with a sista friend yesterday.
when we talk,
it is always a deep conversation about life.
my favorite!
the topic was black people.
we got onto the subject of skin color.
she said that if beyonce was as dark as her,
she would not have nearly the amount of success that she has.
“i kinda agree”.
she also pondered why these sistas in the industry always dye their hair blonde?
i often wondered myself because many of them looking stunning with darker hair.
before we hung up,
she said i should thank my parents i am able to “pass“.
“life is not to kind to dark berries,” she said.
that part left me confused…

… but i got it.
i wanted to say it hasn’t got me a job,
but whatever.
i started to wonder if the lighter the skin,
the more open the magic door of acceptance?
would life,
according to her,
be amazing if you “pass“?…

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High Definition For Dummies

i found this site on tumblr,
i have been fascinated for the last hour.
take a look inside:


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