No Really, Tell Me What You Are REALLY Feeling.


Some of us cry when we are our lowest.
Others get mad and rebel.
But, our true feelings come out when we are “going through it“.

 I saw this on Tumblr and it made me sad.
Maybe because today, I am feeling some kind of way.
My emotions are high.
I am actually sitting in my crib with low lighting and just not in the mood to be bothered.
Phone is about to go on airplane mode and either Jay Z or Ye is about to be coming out my speakers.
So, yeah, I could indentify with about one or two of the following.
What about you?…


It is amazing to me how EVERYONE has dealt with one of those “somethings”.
As much as Twitter and Facebook highlight the “always doing well” and the “never in a problem“.
But, when you actually speak to those same people…
…you will hear another story (everyone has a story or a reason as to why…)

Even these celebs playing the front game.
Trust and believe when I tell you they are the biggest fronts.
I have met so many of them that are hurting…. worst than us. 

For those of you who are going through “something“…

Author: jamari fox

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10 thoughts on “No Really, Tell Me What You Are REALLY Feeling.”

  1. Yea I could def. identify myself with a couple of those gifs. I just let a lot of things go and try not to think about it. I try to keep it positive and you should try and do the same Jamari.

  2. I can identify with ALL of those! Im just an emotional being though. I play with the cards I’ve been dealt, and sometimes my hand never looks like a winner. But when I look at the grand scheme of things, I win far more often than I lose!! And if I never told you this Jamari, I loves me some you! You’ve given people a forum to express how they really feel about a plethora of topics that oftentimes we never are afforded the opportunity to discuss, due to lifestyles, circumstance, and what not. So maybe you’re a little confused today, but we All have those days, but know that in some way, be it great or small you’re leaving your footprint, and making a difference…

  3. i can identify with some of the gifs but the ones that stuck out to me were (Nobody seems to notice), ( some days are great, some not so great), and (every day just feels like war). when my dream job shot me down i feel like all of them but i picked myself up thanks to friends, family, brown alcohol, and sweet sweet mary jane and the fox hole. when you feel low do what i do, get fucked up and put on some power music perferably lil wyane carter 4 blunt blowin or black eye peas ima be

  4. I too am in a place of being a new me,I have to trust GOD and his word as it relate to my life, and the things I am going through, I have had friends who turned out to be my worst example of friend, I also let my desire to fall in love allow me spend 2years watching a man who is on the DL but i got lost in he watching me he would not say a word just watch me, I am moving on to my life not a dream or lie, I share with all because I wish I had been told of the trap of men like me foxes, and how men gay, dl play so many games, and when someone like me who has been educated, but not about gay life and the pit falls, I wish I had not seen my crush, but everything happens for a reason, if only to make us grow, be wise and if GOD feels like granting us our due(we do not even deserve) then i will meet who has been chosen for me by the one who loves me the most, everyone need to be blessed, and stay humble, and be to thine own self be true, LOVE AND BLESSINGS TO ALL, REMEMBER THAT THERE IS POWER IN PRAYER.

  5. On the treadmill today doing my run, and I got emotional out of the blue listening to gospel music, and was literally fighting back tears, I was surprised at myself because I am not an emotional person at all, but secretly some days I get so tired of always being strong and always being there for others, I need someone to be there for me and I dont have that with family or friends, or I should say I dont allow them to see me in that light. Its days like this that make me want a homie, lover, friend or whatever who really cares about me. Wow how come Im feeling blue and see this post, this blog is scary at times because it magically talks about a topic I just happen to be dealing with or dealt with recently. Im staying encouraged in spite of. Those gifs are right on point, I have felt so many of those emotions.

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