x Marks the F0x: I’m Actually Wearing a Thong Underneath My B-Ball Shorts

You be the judge…

This year, the NBA had an all-star team. One of the members of that all-star team loves nothing more than to spend every night on the road after a game in his favorite blond wig while he watches television and tries on the clothes he bought for his “wife.” The NBA player spends a lot of time buying things for his “wife,” and then spending his late nights wearing it. There have been some nights this season where he has stayed up all night after a game and the second game of a back to back has been less than stellar because of his obsession with his clothes and other persona.

Before he got married to his current wife, he used to keep his obsession confined to the road and hotel rooms and would throw away the clothes after every road trip because he did not want a girlfriend or maid or family member to see his collection at home. He would spend and then throw away thousands of dollars worth of clothes and shoes every trip. He would not give them away to charity or leave them in his room. He would take them to a hotel dumpster and be done with them until the next trip. The only thing he has always managed to keep are his two wigs. One is blonde and the other brunette.

After he met his current wife, and when they got serious, he let her in on his secret. She was not only open to it but encouraged it and does shopping for him to make it easier, but he still loves being on the road and wearing his brand new clothes he found for himself. Oh, and every so often he also wears a pair of women’s panties under his uniform.

 Source: BI

any ideas?….

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10 thoughts on “x Marks the F0x: I’m Actually Wearing a Thong Underneath My B-Ball Shorts”

  1. The only All-Stars on this years team who are married are; Chris Paul, Paul Pierce, Carmelo Anthony, Chris Bosh, Deron Williams, and Kobe Bryant, I’m not sure if I left anyone out. I would say it’s Chris Paul, Paul Pierce or Chris Bosh.

    1. It’s not CP3, because they said ‘current wife.’ Paul just got married for the 1st time. This person has been married before – I believe Bosh is married for the first time as well…plus that queen lol

  2. I say good luck to whomever it is!!! I just hope he manages to keep it private, and he better be good, because if he decides to change this wife for number three, surely without a huge payout, she’d spill the beans on him. (The world is like that now)

    I’ve heard of a number of men who enjoy cross dressing. One that springs to mind here in the UK is a artist called Grayson Perry. He arrives at functions with his wife, in dresses, shoes and wigs. From what I’ve read, a cross dresser isn’t necessarially gay or even bi, and usually isn’t, they just like wearing women’s clothing.

    Again, I say good luck to him!

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