aaliyah’s death was truly a butterfly effect for many of us

i’ve been listening to aaliyah’s “one in a million” album since its release last week.
it made me listen to other 90s teen r&b around that era too.
if you’re on the ig foxhole,
you can tell i’m down the rabbit hole with my stories.
aaliyah’s 20th death anniversary was yesterday and i still cannot believe its been that long.

My mother died the same year.
9/11 was the same year too.

even through all those events,
i’m still here even when i thought i would have killed myself a long time ago.
of course,
with any death anniversary,
i went down the rabbit hole of aaliyah’s short life and death.
i saw this clip of dame dash,
her ex,
from an et memorial special yesterday…

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Everyone Has Something To Say About Brandy

tumblr_mccyokx7RF1qilxguo1_r1_500so i love brandy.
she was actually one of the first singing chicks i got into.
her voice>>>
her harmonies>>>
her runs>>>
her everything>>>
hell she was the one of the reasons i tuned into the game.
if it wasn’t for her,
blue’s pectorals,
malik’s face,
and tasha mack’s mouth…
that would be a non factor in my show rotation.
well i saw this video today and it got me…

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