How Many Dick Pics Do You Have In Your Phone Right Now?

the new laptop.
its now become our other limb.
the new part of our brains.
with the right apps,
your phone becomes a weapon of mass destruction.
personal assistant.
best friend.
college professor.
gossip columnist for page six.
video game system.
you get the idea.
hell having access to google is dangerous enough.
i started to wonder about these little gadgets we can’t go anywhere without…

Are all your secrets in your phone?

i think i had every phone on every network.
nokia gold.
nokila flip.
every nextel.
blackberry bold.
yes i am a phone whore.
all of my phones ran like a black book.
cute wolves.
dl guys.
married men.
i went hard.
my iphone now is tamed compared to how it was.
between spring cleaning contacts and losing pics/vids in a system restore gone wrong..

Quinn_Cryingsign from god?

is whats inside our phones reveal the real us?
some say: “duh”.
the have all the tools to help them get ass/pipe.
people in relationships have all the evidence to show their cheating ways.
some of you are just perverts with porn every damn where.
tbh every one has blackmail hidden somewhere on their phone.
even a password doesn’t protect your secrets.

biting-nails-britney-spearsnervous yet?
don’t even get me started on your computer.
so i had to askā€¦

Could you let someone go in your phone without sweating?

15 thoughts on “How Many Dick Pics Do You Have In Your Phone Right Now?

  1. LOL, I cant let nobody see my phone under any circumstances, I would have to eliminate them. Hell I dont like people to take pictures of me on my phone for fear if they went into those galleries. Oh Lawd it would be over. I told my friends if something happens to me to just pour gas on my computer and burn this bitch cause it would be too scandalous lol. Between Vine, and even the hot boys I follow on Instagram on my phone the cat would def be out the bag.

  2. I was forced to come out to a friend of mine thinking that she saw the Grindr app on my phone when I let her borrow it….Long story short, she didn’t even saw the app, so when I came out to her she was like huh??? Still mad at myself SMH…. Jamari, or anybody, what’s the name of that porn website that features black dudes only? I’m not talking about dawpoundusa, U mentioned the name on here a few times can’t quite remember.

      1. Maybe….the one I’m talking about has the same features as dawgpoundusa, but It’s not dawgpound.

  3. no nudies saved on my phone. no hook up apps either (I don’t judge-not my scene anymore).

    It used to have more content than myvidster before I purged a year ago

  4. i can let someone use it because for some reason i clear my out text message history and pics usually if they’re dealing with sexual things…however i don’t like when you let someone use your phone to make a call and then a minute later you hear “OMG he’s cute who is that?” smh im like why are you in my phone…it just depends on the person some people are nosy…but i just tell everyone BE CAREFUL don’t put everything on your phone and etc you don’t want all of your business disclosed on the web and DON’T send naked pics either…i feel in light of this digital age we disclose too much information

  5. Ya’ll should send me all those pics, videos, dl guys, etc so I can show you how to store them discreetly in your phones. Thanks.

  6. I can honestly say that i would feel absolutely comfortable with people going through my phone because I have two.. no three. Lol. I have lot of content that no one knows exist except me and because of my character no one would think its me since I’m sorta innocent looking, shy and quiet most of the time.

    My secret is to utilize technology and the human brain. I have a private cloud drive just for all my freakishness. I also delete all my messages as I receive them. I am synced into my phones and laptop at home remotely so that I can access them when needed. Its a matter of having a extra device for particular parts of your life. Its a good investment for security.

  7. Hell no. I’m going to be perfectly honest, my phone and laptop have all my secrets. The times that I thought I lost my phone, I went into a panic and started to whine lol. I be thinking I left it somewhere or something. SMH. It has a pass code but still. I be tearing up shit up in my room just trying to find it. One time it was under my hat, and I had tore everything up like James from Good Times when he couldn’t find his gun lol.

    I have like 15 or 20 picks of my dick in my phone, but I can’t even retrieve them unless I hook my phone up to my laptop because my phone will not allow me to see my gallery. SMH. I keep other peoples pics in a safer place in my phone. Yeah, you got to protect your homies lol.

    When I am at home, I browse the net in incognito because I’m not the only one who uses the desktop lol. Thank god Google chrome has that shit. Whew! Lmao….

  8. If people want to know I fuck around, they can check my phone. Jack’d and Grindr always on, Bottoms sending ass pics, and this website in my favorites. I would be busted.

    1. You be scared as shit don’t you boi? LMAO…Niggas be like let me use your internet right fast. I be scared to death. I keep looking over to see what’s up.

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