was chris brown allegedly getting high or taking a booger out his nose?

celebs and alleged drug use go together like fat kids and cake.
this might be a shocker to some but…

Many of them are functioning addicts

i’ve heard stories of many of our favs getting high af.
being a celeb ain’t easy.
some of these attentionistos are getting high too.
there is a video of chris brown that has everyone talking today.
it’s chris doing alleged coke in a dallas club.
this is the video via “billboard atl“…

what are we thinking?

i can’t confirm or deny what it may/may not be.
he could have been poppin’ a breath mint.

if it was alleged coke,
that is usually the drug of choice for those in higher circles.
that’s an “expensive” drug to rich folks.
coke is an upper.
it makes you very alert and happy.
this is two of the reasons celebs find themselves on it.
from what i’m told,
it has the same effects on your brain as sugar.
it sends a large amount of dopamine that makes you feel good.
the issue is once you come down,
it’s pretty awful.

the life of a celebs or top level business folks is a very tiring life.
coke gives them the boost they need to keep them going and party hard af.
i mean,
this is what we expect from them,
if chris was allegedly getting high in that video…

Are we really shocked?

lowkey: i feel like chris is clean outta fucks these days.

read more about coke: here

12 thoughts on “was chris brown allegedly getting high or taking a booger out his nose?

  1. im No drug user but I feel like people who are suprised at celebs doing coke are definitely closed minded, you definitely listed the key reasons why they do it. And many that you’d never think do that shit….do it.
    Hell I know fine ass men here in atl who have it ALLL the car, House, perfect body etc and do coke you’d be extremely suprised.

    1. He looks so dirty and unhealthy to me. Like he is riddled with STD’s. He can’t sing. Could dance. Asshole personality. That’s it. And they ALL do coke.

  2. Nobody cares. He can dance, but his vocals are still tragic. He gets by on his complexion at this point.

    He is a good producer and has an ear for music and should just produce and sign artists at this point. I cannot and will not with the autotune.

    He is for Black people one second, dragging them the next. He is a mess. Can’t focus on his girlfriends and still stalking Rihanna. He needs at least 6 years in rehab, therapy and a Social Media cleanse.

    1. His dancing is off too. Light skin can’t save you went you look have a skeletal frame and Thriller is not playing. I wonder how many times has he OD?

    2. I wholeheartedly agree with all of this and truly I would love to support him but it’s so obvious he needs help and I’m not gonna support until he gets it all the way together

  3. Yeah, unfortunately he was shoving snow up his nostrils and that’s one helluva drug something I would never eff with not even if someone paid me. I also wouldn’t like the feeling of it I heard that it burns your nasal cavity and makes your heart race no thank you.

    1. I feel ya… I work in insurance for Fortune 500 companies. When I first started the job it involved a fare amount of entertaining the client and market relations. There were lots of late nights and the hangovers were legendary. I could not understand how my boss and colleagues could get into the office the next day fresh faced, while I was struggling not to blow chunks across my desk. A few years I saw the movie Flight with Denzel. That’s when I figured out how my colleagues were able to skip into work after binging on Cafe Patron the night before. They was hitting the nose candy.

  4. That was definitely a bump. 😅
    To each his own 🤷🏽‍♂️
    He’s still One of the greatest of our time ✊🏽

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