tyler perry should have inspired you today

tyler perry has inspired me.
as you know i was feeling a little down these last few weeks,
but seeing the following really perked me up.
imagine living in your car to making big money moves years later?



Tyler is the FIRST black person to own his own film studio

he wasn’t bragging on social media either.
he was doing his thing silently and look at what he created.
this is a video from his grand opening in atlanta yesterday and well…


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Grand opening of the new #TylerPerryStudios in Atlanta. #GospelBrunch

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it even had diddy blown away:


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#tylerperry is the man! #diddy #blackexcellence #news #worldnews #trending #trendingnow #blogger

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someone take me so i can see it!
he had the entire black hollywood come out for his opening.

that was the place to be last night.
i hope this inspires more black celebs to do more of this.

We need to build our own

we have no time to be hating and pulling each other down.
unless you’re a dumb ass.
this country keeps showing us that we need each other more than ever.
let this be a start of a new era of growth and wealth for all of us.
congrats to tyler and his accomplishments!!!

lowkey: i’m asking God to bring me to my blessings next.

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24 thoughts on “tyler perry should have inspired you today”

  1. “we have no time to be hating and pulling each other down.
    unless you’re a dumb ass.”

    They don’t hear you though. Some of your commenters are about this. Always waiting, mouth salivating to put Black people down.

    I ignore everyone, but my Black people in school, the workplace, going out. Other races love to try and insert themselves into conversations. Trying to be cool and down. You can’t fake this and can’t get Black membership by association. I want the majority to keep uncomfortable in my presence. Too many of us are on this “We are the same” BS. No….we’re not. Our ideas get stolen. We die mysteriously when we try to make a difference. Instead of saying let’s charge Area 51, they can’t kill all of us..imagine if we put that much effort into funding schools ready to close down?

    We’ll make billions for stupid gofundmes but get annoyed at a Black person trying to make it. We will make fun of them instead of supporting them. And we are harsher on Black people than anyone else. We make excuses, give flexibility, but badmouth like nobody’s business.

    And then when a Black person gets a little success and are celebrated, always some coon to say, “Why the first Black..? Why can’t it just be First..?” BECAUSE BLACK PEOPLE DON’T GET CREDIT! We can’t even let ourselves be great.

  2. So Tyler Perry has always been a childhood hero of mine, and I love his rise to the top.

    However….have ya’ll seen his latest offerings?

    Boo and Boo2 are a far, far cry from Diary of a Mad Black Woman or any of his earlier work. From a business perspective, it’s a lot easier to make a cheap, low effort film that pulls in tons of money than things that need a bit more work and attention. Hopefully the quality of his body of work picks up.
    You cannot tell me the Boo films didn’t look like youtuber content.

    I was there when Haves and Have Nots dropped and that thing turned into the hottest of messes a few seasons down. Followed by the House of Payne show- Jesus. it’s like it was filmed a day before it aired.

    They had Jackee Harry saying lines and then dead silence. 5 seconds later the laugh track comes on. That’s some realllllly shoddy editing.

    And then his Madea Animated film that looked like it was made with 2007 flash animations. I hope with all of this that his quality picks up 10-fold and that we get some amazing stuff.

    He has the vision, but he needs better writers and to put heart back into it. All’s I’m saying. Still love him though if only because he’s very humble and not too full of himself like a certain other famous director one of his sound stages is named after.

  3. Auntie Tyler stays silent on his sexuality and continues to support every black anti-gay pastor in the country & gave Blame it on Kway a job & convinced him to renounce his homosexuality! Ugh I’ll pass on the role model shit, but go OFF!!!
    He hasn’t had a good movie/show in YEARS!

        1. I thought @taedatea was @blameitonkway Shame on me. I’m so sorry! They’re both friends with @LalaMilan so I got them mixed up.

  4. I don’t know. As someone stated, he upholds that “church-folk” mindset. If I were to be honest, he seems to be regulated toward a specific type. In fact, when he did feature any LGBTQ themes in his films they were negative or non-existent. (I haven’t see all of his films so I don’t know about them all.)

    Not being rude or anything.

    My question, is he going to make films that highlight the actual problems in the Black Community dealing with homophobia or is he going to stay in that niche of his?

    for all purposes, Homophobia contributes to a fair number or homelessness, battery, diseaed, and suicide in the community among blacks.

    While I don’t mind congratulating him for his accomplishment, Imma need him to expand his horizons.

    I can see this may be good for people who want to get into the film business of whatever but is he going to actually make films that translate to all black people instead of focusing on a specific group?

    What that means is…Are we gonna get some uplifting gay/bisexual productions about men and women POC that paints us as people or will it be Diary of a Straight Black person 2?

    If he plans to have productions that highlight all spectrums of “being black” then heck yeah, more power to him, but if he as someone mentioned earlier still entertains & even supports anti-gay pastors (which I never knew) then no, I won’t support him & could care less about his accomplishments.

    1. ^seriously,
      i doubt he will.

      tyler is in his 50s.
      he is that certain type that doesn’t have millennial thinking.
      because he writes his own stuff,
      it seems he has a certain idea of what gay life is like.
      maybe his own negative views of it are how he translate it into his work.
      he is very religious so he probably has a church view of being gay.
      that is his audience as well.

      i know in “have and have nots”,
      one of the guys wasn’t a negative stereotype when i watched.
      i’m not sure how he turned out now tho.

      1. Yeah, that makes me a little aggravated. I really don’t want to be that person that sounds mean but like with as many black transgender and gay blacks getting murdered or commiting suicide it’s just an issue that needs to be laid out.

        I was on Twitter and I ran across this high schoolers profile who I remember from months ago but he killed himself cause he was bullied by his own. Seeing that again really ignited a flame about Black people teaching their kids about homosexuality and how God hates it.

        It’s like people are outraged for a few weeks and then oh well moving on…

        Not sure if anyone else has experienced the uncomfortableness of hearing an anti-gay pastor and the black church members nodding in approval about abominations.

        And I would just hope that someone who does have the funding or means to create something to tell these stories about these people.

        We can’t forget these things. It’s hard being black but being gay and black can be ruthless and I think with his platform he could do it but that damn niche…sigh…

        I’d get in contact with him or send him something asking him what he thinks but I know it’s go unanswered..lol Right in the trash.

        1. ^ya know,
          it’s kind of a double edged sword with tyler.

          i don’t look to tyler for stories i can relate with to be told.
          i don’t really look at his own work these days as much as i use too.
          tyler has helped give many blacks work out here.
          that studio has filmed,
          and well help film,
          many other black projects besides his own.

          he did something that other black directors didn’t think of doing,
          but his ideals of what gay life is can be troubling.
          some of his views of black life as a whole might be troubling too.

          1. It’s very troubling. I’m always ready to see blacks progress. I just would like to see a change in mindset to make these younger LGBTQ people know that despite being gay they can be successful and still experience love.

            I used to think Patrick Ian Polk was gonna head in that direction after Noah’s Arc and more.

          2. ^which is why he needs millennial writers to keep him up to date.
            imagine if he had writers from different walks of black life and culture…

            his work would be powerful

            it’s not impressive to see “written and directed by tyler perry” with baby boomer-ish ideals.
            just my thoughts.

  5. Sorry, but I can’t get behind Mr. Perry’s success with the full enthusiasm it deserves.

    Why? Because he hasn’t EVER supported people like me despite the fact that he’s living some sort of gay ambiguous lifestyle himself. Fuck that! And fuck his Christian fundamentalist bullshtt!

    And if anyone is triggered by my sentiments please leave a reply explaining why. I’ll be sure to read it later in the week while taking a shit on my toilet.

    Great day 😀

  6. Let’s just go ahead and say it: Tyler Perry wouldn’t have the level of success with the Black community, especially with the Christian segment, had he been vocal and shined a spotlight on LGBT issues.

    As a black gay man, you don’t really get to be intersectional in this world…you compromise.

  7. Yes it’s true that Tyler is no role model as far as his personal life is concerned but he never needed to be. His personal life is his personal life. He ain’t no pedophile, rapist or killer as far as we know so he’s okay with me!

    But as a black filmmaker myself I admire his grind and rise to the top. He owns that studio all of it and he has Disney and all them shook because Hollywood is going to turn to him now for more projects.

    We don’t need him to admit anything or own up to anything! As gay black men we can recognize gay and Tyler has gay written all over him.

    The issue is that his success came from the small and closed minded black church members and he has his audience. They like his work just the way it is so he is keeping it that way.

    If he had changed his tune and yes focused on aspiring gay black stories representing his truth then no they would not have supported him and he knows that! He’s a smart man he knew the measures he had to take to become successful today. Are the measures he took right? Maybe they aren’t but when you think about it he scammed the black church out of their pockets. They made him rich knowing who he really is (a black gay man) but because of their own ignorance, they acted like they all do in black churches; as long as you don’t say it, it ain’t real!

    I look up to Tyler as an accomplished man who defied odds and overcame many many tragedies in his own life. He ain’t gotta make gay stories or live his truth to be my hero, I have many straight heroes. Just because someone is gay don’t mean they have to cater to gay content. He likes his life in the closet just the way it is. It works for him and his mental health. I’m sure he has dudes up his crib a few times a week (shiiiiiiiid I would! 🤤) and does what he needs to do but he has enough power for no one to say shit sooooo that’s that! I mean we all remember how crazy scorned ex boyfriend burned up his last knew right? 🤷🏿‍♂️

    On a side note did y’all realize how easy it is to start a false rumor? Look at at the guy on this post wrote about Tyler convincing Kway to give up his homosexuality? Like are you serious? Smh if you wanna hate on somebody at least bring facts!

    1. ^loved this comment prince.

      the foxhole comes with many different sides,
      even if we don’t agree,
      many comments due help produce thought and maybe a change of heart.
      appreciate you!

  8. I’m very happy for and proud of Tyler Perry, and wish him the best. He puts Black people first, and hires Black actors, producers, and film and TV talent in addition to giving everyone else a chance. He seems to be growing and maturing in terms of the stories he produces and supports, which is important.

    When he directed Ntozake Shange’s for colored girls I was upset because he added that hateful anti-gay DL story that wasn’t originally in the play, but ultimately he brought Shange’s beautiful choreopoem to a new generation of viewers, and people in NYC can even see the revival now at the Public Theater.

    I also hope he hires top writers to supplement his own writing efforts. If he keeps on the correct path he could be a global entertainment mogul.

    I have to correct one point: Oscar Micheaux (1884-1951), the pioneering Black filmmaker, was the first Black man to own a film studio, the Lincoln Motion Picture Company. He is probably celebrating Tyler Perry’s success in the great beyond.

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