who killed joshua brown?

so we’re getting into alleged “conspiracy theory” territory here.
the “botham jean saga” would make a great movie.
instead of remaking good movies from the past,
they have a shit ton of material from everyday life.
we need a good drama that takes us on a ride.
 joshua brown,
one of the witnesses in this extremely bizarre case…


was killed on friday and it’s raising a ton of questions…

A witness who delivered key testimony in the trial of Amber Guyger — the white former Dallas police officer convicted this past week in the murder of an unarmed black man, Botham Jean — was fatally shot on Friday night, a lawyer for Mr. Jean’s family said.

The witness, Joshua Brown, 28, who had lived in the same apartment complex as Ms. Guyger and Mr. Jean, was shot several times by an unknown assailant, Lee Merritt, the family’s lawyer, said on Twitter Saturday night.

Mr. Brown’s death occurred just two days after a Dallas County jury sentenced Ms. Guyger to 10 years in prison, well short of the maximum 99 years that she could have received in the killing of Mr. Jean, a 26-year-old immigrant from the Caribbean island nation of St. Lucia.

Mr. Brown was getting out of his car at an apartment complex where he lived when he was shot, Mr. Merritt said. He said the apartment complex where the shooting happened was not the same one where Mr. Jean had been killed by Ms. Guyger.

The shooting, Mr. Merritt said, “seems very personal.

As of Sunday morning, officials had not publicly identified any suspects or a motive, but Mr. Merritt said Mr. Brown had no known enemies, had not been involved in questionable activities and had not been in the middle of a lovers’ quarrel.

“He made his money from Airbnb,” he said. “He wasn’t involved in any gangs. All the usual suspects were kind of counted out.”

…then i saw these alleged tweets:

so did they feel the alleged wrath for “talking“?
is this why the family is so “we forgive you“?
even the judge?
in the movies,
especially mob ones,
that would be the revelation in the end.
folks getting silenced because they chose to talk.
it could be all coincidence what has happened to him tho.
i’m sure the internet sleuths will crack the code soon.
rip to joshua brown.


article cc: the ny times

pictures cc: joshua brown | instagram

Author: jamari fox

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25 thoughts on “who killed joshua brown?”

  1. I was watching him last week giving testimony and now this? No this is not a coincidence and I have to say this. When you have credible witness they need protection. Last year there was a girl in Detroit who got killed when she testified against her carjacker.

  2. The biggest gang in America are the cops. This breaks my heart. We just got some fake justice, cooning and now this.

  3. Angry n SAD..no.other words. Yet she only got ten years. she’ll do 2 and be on her merry miss Becky way.

  4. Enough is enough!!!! Lets call this for what it is!!!

    This poor brother was taken out by,,,,,,

    …… Another White ,Deranged, Texas ,Racist Terrorist who sympathized with Her ( further pushed by the Coon , Judge ,brother and others who made him feel justified to avenge this murderers conviction sentence!!!

    This is NO Coincidence my dear friends.. When will this end!!!!!!???

  5. Goodness, I come back to topics like this….I just can’t even….See, stuff like this…I just have to watch my moods cause this causes me to have moments. It’s kinda hurtful to read this…and yes, he did have enemies. He’s had the same enemies most POC had since they were brought over here…the same the Native Americans had….let me stop…


  6. Well I’m never surprised when it comes to white folks history has proven there low down and very very wicked I at this point blame the judge and the victim brother for cooning for master and yes the white cops are behind this but hey it’s a new day all the house niggas would say forgive any how

    1. I agree :The Coon ,Self – Hating Judge, Brother and others visually displayed the ” Lack of value “placed on Black Lives.!!!!!

      Can you imagine if Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks took on such Lowly Coon like behavior!!!

      We would never be Free!!!!! [These type of traitors are the true N@GGERS!!!!!]

  7. My condolences to Mr. Brown’s family.

    And my outrage to the ones who liked him. This murder has the earmarks of a white supremacist star chamber assassination. Mr. Brown was murdered because he testified against a white police officer. The scum who murdered him needs to be put away for life.

  8. Everyone in the apartment complex moved because they were afraid of this fate. He moved 15 minutes away and was gunned down? This was definitely a hit.

  9. Heartbreaking. He did the brave & correct thing by testifying on Botham Jean’s behalf & then they offed him. May hell rain down on whoever killed this young man!

  10. Malcolm x said many years we meet the white man were we are met do to him what he has repeatedly done to us fuck forgiveness let’s fuck them up period

  11. Well I guess now we know the deal. The trappings of drug deals and a fast life/buck is what killed yo. He foresaw his demise because he knew what he was involved in. Just sad all around..but we can drop the hero worship now.

  12. UPDATE : The “POLICE ” Have said it was a DRUG DEAL GONE WRONG (They Conveniently Confiscated Drugs from his Apartment) . . They have Suspects . I DON’T BELIEVE THIS!!! (The history of CORUPTION is Too GREAT. I need an independent investigation !

  13. So now hes a dealer no dallas police fuck you the city shall burn period eye for an eye when they take 9ne of ours let’s take one of theres see how quick shit change then and mf like we forgive see what forgiveness is getting us

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