are you familiar with “dl language”? (well, are you?)

every gay/bi/curious foxholer knows the following.
unless you live under a rock,
you either:

used it “before”
use it now

i know a few of these sentences all too well.
it’s the infamous “dl language“.
i saw this fly down my timeline on twitter from one of my followers.
 i had to post

i’ve been asked:

“who all know about you?”
“wanna smoke?”

someone from my past life just asked me last week:

“you live alone now?”

he wanted to know when he came back to ny to visit,
if he can stay with me so i can suck his dick all weekend.
that’s it.
no eating my foxtail or fuckin me until i can’t take it anymore.

i remember a fine ass dl wolf said me:

“i ain’t gay.
you the only n*gga i ever spoke to like this.”

turns out he was lying,
but whatevs.
good times,
either way.
i think the biggest thing with the dl foxhole is the thrill of it all.
the headaches that usual comes with it…

so foxhole…

Which sentences have you used/been asked?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “are you familiar with “dl language”? (well, are you?)”

  1. Wanna smoke? – mainly on the apps when I was using em

    Quick story time. I always go to this hood corner store on my lunch because oddly they my favorite alkaline water. Long story short, this one dude approached me on the low and asked what time I get off. He knew exactly where I worked too Smh. I said “Why you tryna catch me slipping?” He was shocked. Now he doesn’t speak, GOOD!! ☺️😂

      1. No seriously! I’m like lemme hurry up back to the job before this foo clock me upside my head for curvin him like that

  2. 😂 i’ve gotten the “you live alone?” Lots of times, even tho it’s not on there I also get “you gotta girl???” And then when I saw no it’s a whole lotta INTRESTED “whys?” I’m jus too reserved to tell all my business so I usually jus say it’s cause I jus got out a relationship & I’m “doin me” 🙄😂 to be honest I like the “game” of it all, so it doesn’t bother me…I’m prolly low key a fuck boy myself 😂

  3. I haven’t gotten these. I get:
    Yo, you want to study this weekend?
    What we doing after finals?
    What we doing this summer?

    It’s boring to me, now.

      1. If sleeping in a bed with 3 other guys counts, yes. Just cuddling. I chickened out. When I woke up, I realized 2 of the guys had…done stuff. I guess they fell asleep right after. It half grossed me out/half disappointed me. I wanted to see haha The last guy tried with me, but like I said I chickened out. It was super awkward the next semester. Last time I saw him, the dude picked me up in public in a big hug. I’m like “Put me down! We’re in public!” DL Dudes get bold in private when nobody’s watching. I made breakfast for everyone. I guess that was to make up for not giving anybody any. It’s weird talking about booty and bulges when you spend your life pretending to be into kitty. And somebody saying you have DSLs in front of other guys is an experience to be had.

        1. ^they get hold on private OR if they really like you.
          i had one start getting really affectionate at a restaurant once he had a drink or two in him.
          i was the one to be like “ SIR! calm that ass down”

  4. Oh, this will be grand…. I was minding my business trying to fry this damn chicken and cook some Alfredo pasta cause my greedy Southern ass don’t know when to quit….when I saw this topic..

    So Ive quite a number of hits by DL dudes from High School through college…and we’ll here are some instances and how I handled them. Some good and bad. Law of Attraction been working me out for years..

    So let’s see..

    High School:

    Junior Year: A new transfer. His name was Sidney & he was so fine. Girly name & puberty must didn’t hit him yet. He had that light voice but he fit was hella and fit. Handsome. When he first walked into free Enterprise class I remember locking eyes with him. It was like a movie…Instant connection. Then teacher told him you sit anywhere he’d like and he came and sat by me. I was still quite shy so I never talked to him. He joined the football team & dated the varsity cheerleader. He was out my orbit being one of the popular boys & I just kinda stuck to the library and nerds.

    Anyways one day after coming from the principal’s office, I was walking down the hall heading back to class when he walked out towards the water fountain. I smiled & he returned the smile with a nod & proceeded to bump his dick against the water fountain while smiling at me. What did I do? Became wide eyed and rushed into the classroom terrified. I still look back on that day & wished I wasn’t such a bytch..

    From then on I’ve had many experiences and while I am not old, I am seasoned in DL lingo and language. Pretty much mastered the DL fuck-stare & all that.

    I even can spot them in public 90% of the time. Had members of my college basketball team trying to get at me. They were hella homophobic acting but I remember I was in the gym using my laptop & they all passed by to head to the workout roommate. I was deep in my laptop doing audio. Back when I was on Jack, I shortly got a message that said, Aye, you make beats? 🙄 I know at least a few of them were DL…two of them in particular sent my homo barometer up & I think they were fuking around with each other.

    I’ve had niggas watch me while they are with girls & I’ve pretended to not notice but when she looks at something, else he looks at me…eyes just drifting
    I caught the same dude looking mighty pissed at me one day & I suspect he hit me up on Jack’d and I turned him down cause I don’t mess with DL dudes & he ain’t have no pics. I remember coming from the study room in the library and met my friend and me and her walked off. Saw that same dude always watching me just looking like he was pissed af. He be chilling with his girl and when I walk by, he’d get quiet and tilt his head down… 🙄

    I caught a dude in our college cafe filming my ass. He was a tall one but I happened to turn around just in time and he reared by acting like his phone wasn’t pointed at my ass while I sat in the chair.

    Despite all this I’ve not messed with but one DL dude who I found out later had a whole damn girl. He was so secretive but I’m smart & tech-savvy. Found out his “real name” and the girl he was with. I generally don’t care enough to expose someone. I did fuck with his lying ass though by jokingly saying his real name during a convo saying he looks like his name would be ****** and he blurts out, how did you know my name, and I told him I didn’t but I do now.

    After that I haven’t touched a single DL dude.

    My most memorable is one dude who I cannot stand. We equally used to shade each other during class projects. He has a girl but I remember we were all talking about Adam and Eve and I was talking the group and he blurts out, “Do you have an ole lady?” And I’m like wtf? I was too sure then, maybe because of the personality class we had but I tested the gaze on him after an event we had. When everyone was occupied signing and presenting at booths, I saw him and passed him without even looking at him…cause well we don’t get along..f**k that nigga. 😂

    As I head into the room I glanced right back at him and our eyes meet and I held his glance until I entered into the room… So I’m counting in my head & that glance hits past the five seconds mark & it’s straight full eye contact.

    Being that this is a way females seduce heterosexual men, I was for sure that he was on the low or curious at least, despite having a girlfriend.

    I feel like we would have had some insane & animalistic sex being that there was so much tension and personality clashes. That was years ago tho…I wonder if he married that girl yet…? She seems like she’s trying to force him into some kind of marriage last time I checked years ago. Hope he works that out and don’t turn into one of those cheating bitches with a wedding ring in one hand and a dick in the other. 😚

      1. Yeah, I had experiences. I also blame some of that on not being accessible to most them. Some of them like the thrill of being able to fuck you. It’s a little chase thing and when you do let them…Trust and believe one thing…as the first DL and only DL dude I messed with…They will fuck you senseless. Its like this bottled up anger they have. They wanna do gay stuff but too scared and they get mad & them if they see you and want you and you play a little tag with them…it get frustrating and they are going to fuck your brains out.

        Then.some of them don’t as one guy went off on me on Jack’s when I questioned him. He had to have been from my college cause he asked some questions as if he had been watching me or something and when I asked for proof and his stats and wanted to know more…He cussed me out.. Told me I was complicated and then said, Fuck you..and blocked me.

        Some of them are crazy but I got some stories and I kinda feel glad that I didn’t give into all these things but at the same time in the back of my mind..that little ho in the darkness is like, “Bitch, you should have got the dick!”

        But they are out there for sure with whole wives and girlfriends.

  5. All of em. Lol… But there a couple for the youngstahs’…”Say you my Uncle”, and You’re my cousin from outta town, Oh and Let it ring one time and hang up”. …and my favorite….We Army buddies…

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