why is everyone mad that cardi is being herself?

we want people to be themselves,
but then get mad when they’re doing so.
which is it?
i didn’t “get” cardi before,
but you can never say she doesn’t give her true self.
so when i saw her flippin’ TF out over what someone said about her daughter,
on her ig stories…

…i wasn’t shocked as everyone else was.
this is who cardi is and will always be.
she isn’t the media princess,
who watches what she says so she won’t offend anyone.

This is a hood vixen from the bx that you can find fighting on Youtube

that rant,
and her many others,
are up her alley.
the rant didn’t bug me because being from this great city,
this is par the course out here.

New Yawkers will FLIP TF OUT


that’s just what we do out here.
you will find yourself going TF off like that on any random day.

mta issues
getting caught up in some tourist trap

relationship woes when they fell and bumped their head

she is just on a national platform for her ranting.

Betchu Access Hollywood won’t fuck with her again

according to her,
they were talking about her kid.
any mother would go in.

lowkey: i see folks talking about “beyonce is different”.
you don’t know how beyonce acts behind the scenes.

beyonce was trained early on too.
cardi wasn’t.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “why is everyone mad that cardi is being herself?”

  1. People always gonna talk whether it’s good or bad, you can’t let a total stranger get under your skin, people make up shit, tell lies just to make themselves look good, most of the time it’s behind a person’s back. You can say whatever you like about me, as long as you don’t put your hands on me!!

  2. I don’t think people are mad at her for being herself, they’re just getting tired of the constant ranting. This woman rants about EVERYTHING, she’s the type to search her name on Twitter and IG just to see who’s talking bad about her. My issue is her saying that she wants the interviewers mom to catch AIDS and that she was going to spit on them; one stop stigmatizing AIDS/HIV and using it as a weapon against people. Secondly, spitting on someone is one of the nastiest, most disrespectful things you can do to a person and with me I don’t care who it is if you spit on someone you lose my respect forever. But Cardi gets a pass because she Cardi now had it been the other female rapper from NY I promise the internet would still be dragging her. 💅💅💅

  3. The last part of this artilce i funny to me <> i agree and i agree with the whole article, cardi is who she is… but jamari i can swear when it was nicki going crazy on people you wrote something like “Beyoncé would never, nicki needs to learn from her”: So which one is it ? Should they all be like Beyoncé or should they bey 😉 themselves ? Or it’s only apply to nicki ?
    Now let’s go back to cardi, she’s not that bright because she said she’s not going to touch people to avoid lawsuit but she’s going to spit on them.. like they can’t sue her for that too lol

    1. ^have folks forgotten cardi is a reality girl?

      she has pretty much been the same person from her debut to now.
      i haven’t heard of her being nasty to others bts.
      in fact,
      she seems to keep a good reputation so far.

      nicki minaj debut was a up and coming rap-stress.
      no reality tv.
      she rubbed folks the wrong way by throwing shots at lil kim and rumors of having a nasty attitude.
      so when she rants,
      it comes off like she is being a un-likeable bitch.

      two different birds,
      different nests,
      but the same forest.

      1. When Cardi rants it’s the same damn thing she’s coming off unlikeable. Stop giving this b**tch a pass because you want to lick her puss and be her. Cardi being a reality star has no bearing how she acts, she trash and acts just like it but like the saying goes money cant buy class and she’s the perfect example. Im glad she hasn’t really released music this year maybe she can go the f**k away. Stop always making excuses for her just because your a Stan.

        1. i agree! Cardi definitely has rubbed ALOT of folks the wrong way! Have you not forgot about her former hair stylist or how she went for the owner of the shade room! Cardi definitely is a bully! You don’t see that because you to much up her ass! When she is wrong, she wrong!

  4. Cardi was wrong as hell for saying that! Stop being bias because you would of dragged Nicki for saying that!

  5. Somebody need to whoop her butt cause these folks done made her think she is something.

    I do have as problem with her being herself & getting praised for it. In fact, she displays every trait that is unlady like & for some reason people then it’s cute.

    Whatever happened to praising people for having talent and being humble? Being loud, ratchet and extra is commendable.

    Like Rhianna is commendable. She turned herself into something productive and is an excellent role model for young women.

    That thing up there is every stereotype that will get you looked at like you’re crazy.

    Worse than Khia not paying her bill…

    1. “Whatever happened to praising people for having talent and being humble? Being loud, ratchet and extra is commendable.”

      Apparently, it died. That’s why the Kardashians, Housewives of Atlanta, NJ/NY etc, and trap culture are popular and relevant (unfortunately). This is also (in part) why Trump was elected President and if the dems don’t get saavy, things will stay that way. Cardi and Trump were inevitable. Society has been asking and begging for their arrival. Welp, they’ve arrived.

      Their prominence is no coincidence, accident or mistake. It’s only going to get worse. We’ve brought it upon ourselves.

      Oh well.

  6. Yo. You are the one most bias blogger I’ve ever come across. If Nicki said ANY of this, you would be writing her career obituary with a glee BUT because it’s Cardi, people shouldn’t be offended by shit like this. Believe it or not… We expect growth. This bitch is a Grammy award winner still acting like a VH1 hoe.

    Typical bird.

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