A Day Without Rain (Compliments of Enya)

latesti know i’m about to come off real corny,
but has anyone ever listened to this snow vixen’s music?
her name is enya and she is amazing.
her music literally puts me at peace.
i discovered her music getting a massage at this russian spot.
i had to stop the massage to find out the name of the album.
i wouldn’t listen to her music on the way to work,
but after a long day,
enya is it.
these are my favorite cuts off her album,
“a day without rain”
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I Can’t Wait Until Tomorrow Cause My Visions Get Better Every Day

tumblr_muse54QS7C1qdjdbzo1_500i have these visions sometimes.
i could be listening to a certain song,
in the middle of meditating,
or the way the sun beams through my curtains.
its that moment when everything is completely still.
its when this unexplainable feeling will wash over me.
it feels me feel so good.
it can last from 5 minutes to 15.
in those moments is when i imagine what would make me most happiest.
i often wonder if it’s a preview for the future?
a foreshadow of whats to come in my life?
well last night…
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The One Who Came Off Idle In My Life

We have all gotten an un-expected text or call
from someone that we were head over tails with…
I mean, back then, you would have done ANYTHING to be with that person.
They had you under their spell HEAVY.
But what happens when the spell is broken?
You took their magic wand and broke that motha-fucka and threw it in the trash.
Now they want you back AGAIN…

…. and you could give a rat’s ass.

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