The One Who Came Off Idle In My Life

We have all gotten an un-expected text or call
from someone that we were head over tails with…
I mean, back then, you would have done ANYTHING to be with that person.
They had you under their spell HEAVY.
But what happens when the spell is broken?
You took their magic wand and broke that motha-fucka and threw it in the trash.
Now they want you back AGAIN…

…. and you could give a rat’s ass.

I was chillin on YIM,
talking to a close friend about some business,
when I got a message from a very familiar screen name.


I knew exactly who it was and I half-rolled my eyes after I saw those 4 letters.
Nutz was a dude I met like three years ago and he is fine as hell.
Brown skin, tats, toned with some wash board abs, and a thug-like about his business persona.
I mean, dude had me nose wide open.
He was feeling me too but being hurt from a past relationship,
plus he recently became a baby daddy,
he left me and went about his business.

I was hurt, but Jamari doesn’t stay down for too long.
He would hit me up periodically and I would open my nose wide again and again, only to be left alone for weeks and months.
He was just my ideal Wolf.
He was a baller and had his life together.
That is what turned me on.

“did i talk to you in 2010?”

Last time we spoke was in ’09.
A whole year went by and I did not hear from him.

… but it’s now ’11 and he hit me up tonight.


I don’t feel the same way  as I once did.
He IMMEDIATELY picked that up.
He even asked me why I’m not excited to speak to him as before.

“you seem different? you been good?”

Well shit nigga…
I’m not about to bring you into my life for you to hurt me again.
WTF you think THIS is?

After him trying to decode my coldness,
we just let the convo burn.
His last words were:

“haha… i hear you killa”

I heard me coming to my senses.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “The One Who Came Off Idle In My Life”

  1. He wouldve never got the time of day from me honestly. Just all that wazup n shit would have been it for me to give him the talk to the hand motion and keep it moving. I dont do thugaboos…I dont care how they look.

  2. Honestly he just wanted an ego stroke from you. He wanted to know if there was someone out there who still wants him and expected that from you because you gave him that before. Congratz to you though for picking up on your negative pattern and moving on from it.

    1. exactly exactly in saying “he wanted an ego stroke from you” let it go let it go and start planning your quest for voluntary workouts this spring when both the Giants and Jets will be intown with plenty of free time on their hands after all day workout .

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