X Marks The F0x: The Homies Always Get Nunn

*plays game show music*


Guess Whose Been Inside Natalie Nunn NOW


He is next week’s contestant.

Natalie just got off the mourning period of her friend…
…. and found her a nice fat dick to make her smile again.

I don’t blame her.
Dick can be a nice little “pick me up“.
Like a good pick me up, you should treat yourself every now and again…
…or for her, every day but Sunday.

Either way, this gentleman came up to the plate to bat her down:

Fat Cakes,
as I like to call him,
also know as Ben J from the New Boyz is her newest sex toy.


I hope the dick was good as I would imagine.
I see they stopped in the 80’s for this fuck fest
….which included mirrors on the ceiling.

Smile Ben J.

Looks like you won the prize after all.
A night’s supply of beef curtains.



Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “X Marks The F0x: The Homies Always Get Nunn”

  1. Is that little boy even legal? And wasn’t she just going in on Amber Rose about dating her ‘sloppy seconds?’

    Bytch boo & bye…

    1. I was wondering his age myself. I thought he was like 17 or so. I know he isn’t new to fucking because he has a kid.

      Natalie is crazy and they always say the crazy ones get the most dick.

  2. Crazy ones get the most dick because men believe that craziness translates to great sex. Who knows if that’s always true? But Ben J is fine, can’t deny that.

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