X Marks The F0X: Lance Doesn’t Pay For Dinner

It must be the week of messy hoes.

Lance… you should have known better
… but then my Foxes and Wolves would not have a good read.
…or someone to laugh at.

In a hotel far far away…

Lance Stephenson of the Indiana Pacers wanted pussy.
Instead of going to the club or a local Forever 21,
he went on Twitter and requested the services of our favorite Cheap Trick for Treats, Candy Deep Throat.

Candy and company went to his hotel room in the Concrete Forest for a night of hoin’ and blowin’… and unlike all the other hoes in the land, didn’t get paid from her Night of Slobbin Armor.

No bueno.

She proceeded to record her quest to his kingdom and out him in return.
This is what happens when you fuck with a ho and skip a payment…


Jamari Fox came to an end. 


Too much fuckery to even talk about.
I wouldn’t know where to start.
Foxes and Wolves…

What should we point out first?

3 thoughts on “X Marks The F0X: Lance Doesn’t Pay For Dinner

  1. I agree with UrSoVain…shoulda got them pesos up front. After all thats the professional thang to do. Everybody should know to get money first…we’re in a recession.

  2. Did she put that bammas number out there?! I hope he has a Batphone or Google Voice…dayum shame LOL

  3. I wonder if she is that good? Few fysh are skilled at the art… she might be one of them. But she’s a dummy for not getting paid upfront. I’m mad her friends tagged along? What’s that about? But he still got what he wanted… and she just got… mad.

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